A B O U T   T H I S   W E B S I T E
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I first started to build this website for myself on my computer in december 2008, collecting some Youtube videos, and doing some text transcriptions, as Mooji's teachings and videos were such an inspiration on "my" path. Then the idea came that it could be nice to share it. So I did. It's still a work in progress, as I just did text transcriptions for a few videos (about 30 on more than 380 videos !), and still working on it. I have to mention that I have no official "affiliation" with Mooji, although Mooji and Team are aware of this work. This website is an unofficial place to watch and hear Mooji's beautiful teachings, and taste that incomparable Nectar of Truth and Awareness. Thank you Mooji ! Thank you ! Namaste !
Please visit Mooji Official Website here : mooji.org. Now you can also buy audio and video material of Mooji's satsangs in the shop.
Here are the source websites where all those videos are coming from. Thanks to Mooji's team and sangha, and all.
- Moojiji Youtube Channel - Moojiji channel is Mooji's main channel on YouTube. Mooji sometimes collaborates with editors to create these videos.
- ShunyaSelf Youtube Channel - A very large selection of Mooji satsang excerpts.
- Moojitube Youtube Channel - Another Youtube Channel with a good selection of Mooji videos.
- Awakeningbridge Youtube Channel - On the Awakening Bridge channel, Mooji's audio is paired with beautiful imagery and video.
- Never Not Here - The unavoidable Richard Miller webcast and shows website.
A B O U T   M O O J I
Mooji is a Master in the Advaita tradition—the path of non-duality which states that there is but one single reality, one source from – and in which – the manifest worlds of names and forms appear. Anthony Paul Moo-Young (Mooji) was born in 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He moved to England in 1969 and is presently living in London He is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja (Papaji), the renowned Indian Master, who, in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi (the sage of Arunachala) made the introspective path of Self-inquiry widely available as a direct way to freedom. Mooji, like them, continues this revolutionary simplicity of teaching by pointing directly to imageless truth, combining the sharpness of Zen with the depth and clarity of Advaita. Mooji's spiritual consciousness opened following an encounter with a Christian mystic in 1987. Sitting at Sri Poonja's feet six years later, the words of his SatGuru – "If you wish to realize truth, you must completely disappear" – finally plunged what was left of his personal mind into the emptiness of Source. Since 1999, Mooji has been sharing satsang in the form of spontaneous encounters, retreats, intensives, and Skype meetings with the many seekers who visit him from all parts of the world, in search of the immediate experience of truth. His style is direct, clear, compassionate and humorous. The force of Mooji's presence infuses his dialogues with authority and clarity. Seekers put forward their most burning questions regarding the challenge of existence and the search for truth; Mooji's answers chop heads and kindle hearts. He says: "To change the world is not your business. To change your self is not your duty. To awaken to your true nature, is your opportunity."
B R O W S I N G   T H I S   W E B S I T E
There is three ways to browse and play with this website from the top left menu of the main page. You can just simply watch all the videos from the main page, or use the top left navigation bar to expand new menu bars.
Browse - This is the way to navigate through the main page, where all videos (350+) are organized by places and dates. Click on a title link will open the chosen video in a pop-up. Click on the little text icon in front of some video link will slide/open a text transcribes box from this video. White icons hides some text notes about the video, blue icons hides full text transcribes of the videos. For each of these "sliding text boxes" you also have access to a Keyword box for each video. Click on a specific keyword link in this box will open a new window with videos organized by keywords.
Keywords - On top left menu, this is the way to navigate through the videos with Keywords in a scrolling menu bar. Click a specific keyword will open a pop-up window with sorted videos related to this keyword. In the same window, are collected text quotes from Mooji and from the already transcribed videos related to the chosen keyword.
Texts - On top left menu, this is the way to access all the text transcripts that had been done till now. It has been alphabetical sorted. After reading, you still can watch the video by clicking the little TV icon on the right of each Video Title.
Quotes - On top left menu, click on Quotes link will refresh and print a new Mooji quotes at the top of the page.
Rss Feed - Now, you also can use the Rss Feed to follow new video additions.
Single video link - A new function has been added : now you can point to any single video with a unique link, to share with friends or add in your website. Just use the url of the website, and add /one/# plus the number of the video, and the chosen video will open automatically. Example : http://mooji.satsangs.net/one/#362.
Music - A new section fo this website. Some Mooji's word on music. See the "Music" link of the left menu.
This is still a work in progress. It misses a lot of video transcribes, so a lot of the videos are still not sorted in the Keywords and Texts sections.