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  Many have come to that place of 'no mind', beyond doubt, and have experienced it irrefutably. But almost all of them reported an "and then..." report. Some will tell you : "Yes, yes, I had this experience before, and it was perfect, as walking through the Red Sea, all through my life... for about two weeks, and then...". Then I became very interested by the "And then" moments. What causes this "And then" moments ?  
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  We feel sometimes we lose or leave our elf. But this 'I' who leaves is the mind only, a thought. How can we, being one, leave our Self ? Can the wave-mind exist apart from the ocean-Self ? Losing and gaining are simply notions arising in the Unchanging Awareness we already are.  
  If there is an experiencer, the experience will not last. Some things are meant only to show themselves for a moment. They have done their work, and they recede into silence again. Don't go hunting for repeat. That in which those occurences happen is still here, That perfect awareness. So don't become attached to any experience.  
  If you see something, if you've really seen it, then allow yourself time to digest your seeing. Because too often something is seen, and that seeing is true, but what happen is mind quickly slips in and says : "Ha Ha ! I got it ! I've been there ! Great ! Thank you ! Tchao !". Ok ? And so it remains unswallowed food, kept in the mouth. When you see something, give yourself the time to really digest and assimilate it.  
  The 'I' didn't have 'it', to have lost 'it' and now want 'it' back. 'Beyond' hasn't gone anywhere. Just the 'I' sense arose, and now some reaction to 'I' arose also. And it's the belief in the reaction to the 'I' that is causing the bad smell. It's nothing. Don't be too quick to form conclusions about anything that appears. Just keep quiet. Let anything come. Don't mind what comes and goes. There's so much space in "I don't mind". No preferences, just space and peace.  
  Some reactions comes from the past, that's ok. It's detected and rejected as unreal. You don't have to be reacting to it. Just turn away, that's nothing, ignore it.  
  Have I gone too far to say this ? That having seeing this, any thought like "Oh yes, I'm coming close, I can smell the rain..." is only a thought arising in the completely Self satisfied being. And if we don't get this, we'll continue to take the readings from the mind like "Yes, yes, I can feel it, I'm so close, so close..." and drawing immense confort from this, "I've made great steps since last year, great progress, wonderfull, beautifull, ups and down, it's been tought, but you know..."  
  Whatever is formless neither comes nor goes, it is Eternal beyond the concept of eternity.  
  It is seen that somehow it is going by itself, I'm not creating. Even the idea of "I am creating" is just an idea arising in a deeper presence. And I am there also. What would be the result, effectively, on that which you call "your life", would you be troubled ? And even if the sense of being troubled arises and it is seen that it's also the mecanism of the consciousness play, then it wouldn't feel so consequential. And so gradualy the impact of these sensations will also lessen, diminish. All of this would be just the play of some energetic soup of sensations and ideas. You would not be a traffic policeman in your own head, you wouldn't have to set up any immigration desk for thoughts, they can come and go freely, they would not be of concern, you would not be complaining "Oh yes, this thing that troubles me is this...", because nothing would really trouble you. Momentarily, of course, it comes with a certain energy, a little burden actually. The life force, the body, the mind consciousness, all of this has a certain weight about it. And there is a sort of consciousness, an awareness about this weight, the hum of existence. But right there in the recognition of the hum of existence, there is that still seeing, which is not humming.  
  How can you retain this awareness, you ask ? This is the thing. Come to complete understanding that there is no "you" to do it. It is what we have trouble with. Who is going to retain awareness ? Even this very idea is an idea just arising in it, like a cloud in the sky. How is the cloud gonna help the sky to be more bright, to be more sky-like ? Who is going to reach and sustain, and stay as awareness ? Nobody's staying there, there is only awareness. There are no adresses in awareness. There's only infinite expanse, no one is resident there. You are That. There's no 'there' in awareness. 'There' and 'here' exists as ideas in awareness itself.  
  Don't abandon the enquiry prematurely. Don't give up. Sometimes you get some states of joy, and the mind feels "I've reached !". But even in another seeking, it is also experienced and something says "But I'm also aware of this". So it still remains, it doesn't tie itself to relationship with any experience, sweet or sour. It remains qualitiless. Stay like this, cause the mind will quickly come "How can we keep this ?!" or some other kind of statement like this, and then you'll feel you lost something, which is also just a thought. But if you purchase this thought, then you believe it into existence. Somehow the enquiry is strengthening itself, you're getting more mature in your looking. When you sleep this time, next time you won't sleep there. And the urge is coming from the universe. Cannot fail. Don't settle for anything, no prize.  
  And somehow, when It is returning, so to speak, to itself, in recognition, a certain energetic movement might occur, you may find somehow that your world has been shuffled around... Don't mind this. It gradually will come to stabilize itself. It's as though the Beingness is burping up, spring cleaning itself, from all that noise that we've collected, unquestioned. Somehow all this noise is being comed-out through your own introspection, through grace. Whatever it is that your own beingness is pleased to, allow itself, to clean itself, this is going on automatically.  
  Few are coming to this. Many are searching for special effects, for something, few can feel this total simplicity of being. Now, what can happen ? Is mind will arise and say "I don't think that's it..." ? "Look how many temples, how many scriptures, it cannot be for this... I think Mooji is a nice guy but I don't think it can be as simple as this". Can you come to the end of This ? Can you describe, This ? Is there any effort to be ? Mind will try everything to take you away from this, cause mind cannot fight this. Mind dissolves in This. But also, you've shared some of your identity with mind, and to that extend mind will try all his influence to call you back. Out of This, which has no shape, no boundary, no definition, this entire universe has appeared, plays in This, changes in This, dissolves in This, arises in This.  
  'Staying in That' is also a thought. There Is That. Like space. 'One day the space will just stay in the space' is a completely ridiculous statement. Space is always space, it doesn't stay in space.  
  Stay as the Awareness. Awareness is ever present. Just the attention is moving on to objects. Simple instruction. That which is watching the attention and is aware even of inattention, where is That ? It's your own natural self, ever present. It doesn't move, it doesn't benefit or loose, it doesn't progress.  
  You are That. Stop trying, don't make any effort, don't try to understand. Let understanding come and kiss you.  
  What is observing that ? Come on, you're still in your enquiry, don't abandoned it prematurely. "There's still something pulling it again" is also a thought. The moment it is observed there's no panic at all, it says "Look at that ! This is just a feeling, I bought it before, something bought this feeling before, but now not, it's simply here". How can it move when even the subtlest movement is detected in it, and by it, does it itself move ? And if it does move, what detects this ? The enquiry is completely sharp, razor sharp.  
  How can it move when even the subtlest movement is detected in it, and by it, does it itself move ? And if it does move, what detects this movement ? The enquiry is completely sharp, razor sharp.  
  In our request to come to complete and irrefutable clarity and understanding as to who we are, initially there is many banana skins on the road of the seeing, so to speak, many traps, many pretentioussness. Even to say that "I got it". But then, how unsparing this question is, how earnest it seems to appear "But who really has got it ?". Who is saying "I've got it !" ? This question comes and kicks in by itself arising out of emptiness, and it comes up to expose any false clamour.  


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