In the beginning, when there's the tendency to go with the mind flow, to drift off with the attention, the attention must be kept back in the awareness Self. Gradually, it's merging with the awareness Self and there's no more splitting away.  
Attention, The Most Powerful Tool #1
Attention, The Most Powerful Tool #2
Vigilance (Attention)
Remain As The Self
Keep Your Attention Only Now
Urge For Truth #2
Look at It
The Embodiment of Truth
Don't Let Your Mind Leave Your Heart
Direct Instructions
The Key Back To Who You Are

  Stay as the Awareness. Awareness is ever present. Just the attention is moving on to objects. This is the more simple instruction. That which is watching the attention and is aware even of inattention, where is That ? It's your own natural self, ever present.  
  When attention pays attention to attention, this is attention. When not, this is inattention.  
  If you pay attention to the mind, there will never seem to be an appropriate time to turn towards your own self. The mind will keep you busy, you'll find more and more things to do, more and more things that needs to be attented to, and this is merely a trick. You are here, you are here. You are HERE !  
  Don't let your mind leave your heart, then this noise will get weaker and weaker, and there won't be this up and down-ness. The mind will always be in the dressing to catch your attention. If you go for it, then somehow you're in. Gradually we ignore, this is what the sages do, they ignore this. You ignore it out of existence, like it's not importance.