Go beyond everything. Don't collect anything. A king does not need to go shopping in his own kingdom. Nor does he beg. Remember, you are the Inner reality-pure awareness only. All that arises are appearances in consciousness. Don't bother with all that. Rest only as the awareness. This is the secret.  
You Are The Awareness
Aware Of Awareness
"I Exist" And Awareness
You Are Always Awareness
Bargain For Liberation
Who Is Identified ?
A Grand Opportunity
Personality What is That ?
Starving With a Hidden Treasure
You Are The Holy Spirit
Vigilance (Attention)
Is 'I Exist' The Place Of Awareness ?
Direct Instructions
Keep Your Attention Only Now
You Don't Need To Know Anything Else
This I Am Not

  Awareness is formless, consciousness is formless, mind is formless, 'I' is formless, so we are trying to speak accurately about something that has no boundary. Awareness has no taste, but taste appears in awareness. Those who have come to this recognition, there is a silence in them.  
  I am the awareness in which everything and anything is arising and perceived.  
  Awareness is not a dead space, it's not inert. It's neither alive nore dead, it's beyond all, no word exists anywhere that can convey this. Yet all these words, they appear through the mind and consciouness, appearing in the awareness itself. I Am that awareness. Undying, unchanging, unalterable, unsplitable, unaffected, timeless, eternal, unbound, pure, immaculate. This is what Is.  
  You are always awareness, you have no choice, this is all play. The ego cannot appear without the support of the underlying awareness, its own source.  
  Awareness is not waiting for the mind to be clean, for it to be Awareness.  
  How can you retain this awareness ? This is the thing. Come to complete understanding that there is no "you" to do it. It is what we have trouble with. Who is going to retain awareness ? Even this very idea is an idea just arising in it, like a cloud in the sky. How is the cloud going to help the sky to be more bright, to be more sky-like ? Who is going to reach and sustain, and stay as awareness ? Nobody's staying there, there is only awareness. There are no adresses in awareness. There's only infinite expanse, no one is resident there. You are That.  
  Stay as the Awareness. Awareness is ever present. Just the attention is moving on to objects. Simple instruction. That which is watching the attention and is aware even of inattention, where is That ? It's your own natural self, ever present. It doesn't move, it doesn't benefit or loose, it doesn't progress.  
  Blessed is the mind that jump over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness.  
  Consciousness is finite, it also comes and goes, all of this realm is moving about. Awareness does not, and you are this awareness.  
  In the beginning, when there's the tendancy to go with the mind flow, to drift off with the attention, the attention must be kept back in the awareness Self. And gradually, it's merging with the awareness Self and there's no more splitting away.  
  The effort to try and be somebody is a phenomenal mouvement observed in awareness, and you are this awareness itself. There is a profundity in this statement, it's worthy of a few moments of contemplation. Don't just say "Oh, ok, thank you !". No, drop inside, sink into that understanding itself. Contemplate this.  
  If I can recognize thoughts are just the activity of the body-mind, that it's not really "my doing", I don't need to be concerned about this, I'm only the witness of it, and as the witness I am the detached Self in this, then, this is it, nothing to do. But the fact is that sometimes we feel like this, other times not. So it is said that this "practice", you may say, of retaining the attention in the witness, is important in the beginning, and gradually, this retention, this arresting of the attention from flowing outward and keeping it present as the awareness itself, gradually, the attention becomes habituated to stay into the Heart center. And like this eventually all effort itself to stay, itself falls away, so the attention and the Self are united. That is the purest Sadhana that I can speack about.  
  If experience means what is shown now, some flavors, some taste, it comes and goes. You are the tasteless taste. It neither comes nore goes. You don't have to use your mind to imagine that, you must recognize it by some other power. It's immediate. There's no gaps, there's no journey to make. Can you be apart from that awareness Self ?  
  'Thank You'... This simple expression of gratitude arising from the Heart, - from Existence to Existence - which has the profound effect of washing the soul of judgements, preferences, fears, the sense of separation, conflict and even longing, returns the mind to its original place of Unborn Awareness.