Who is inside this body ? Scan inwardly with the light of introspection : who is dwelling inside here ? Some entity ? Can you find "you" ?  
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Who Dwells Inside This Body ?
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  You do not need to identify with the body or the sense of doership to function well in this world.  
  Develop the habit of thinking of yourself as consciousness, not as the body or a person. Do not associate yourself with any object or concept, however appealing, and the personal, the cause of all miseries will dissolve. Remain in the state of space-like awareness, free from all notions. This is the pathless path to timeless Awareness.  
  I want to ask you scanning inwardly : who is inside here ? Scan inwardly with the light of introspection : who is dwelling inside here ? Some entity ? Can you find "you" ? Are there some coordinates we can follow to reach where you are ? Is there a "you" ?  
  Before the feeling "I am" arose, you still are, even without "I". That which is does not even say "I". The "I" came as the sound of the absolute in this body. And this I-am-ness is the perceiver, the projecter, the experiencer of existence.  
  If a mood, a sensation, is present in the body, why not just accept right now that this sensation is just present in the body ? Let it be, this is ok. This is the best attitude, and it will go by itself. If you start to struggle, this is how you perpetuate this state  
  Don't try to fight fear. Use the fear to find out who's suffering the fear. Like a smell. See if you can locate it as something tangible, palpable. Use the energy of the fear, the presence of it in the body to see if you can find the one who's suffering. Don't think, just observe and see if you can find a sufferer of the fear. Can the sufferer be found ? Don't imagine, don't create, just clean looking. Follow the noise inside and see who suffers it.  
  The burden is 'I am this', meaning this body and desires. This is why you have so much trouble.  
  Can you be seen ? You who see even this body, its outer and inner functionings are known to you, you perceive them, the perceiver even of this very intimate instrument, can it be seen ?  
  Some effort is required in the beginning, it is unavoidable, because the identification of the beingness with the body-mind play and function is so deeply identified that it's not enough merely to hear the truth that it's not the identified itself, that it's not the body-mind. The tendancy to indentify, to again pick-up the old association, the old self-image, again returns, and we again fall. So this is where the idea of effort come. Effort is also an aspect of grace and consciousness. The Self will prepare the mind with the correct effort. And what is this effort ? To not go with the mind flow, to not let the attention go with the thoughts stream when they come.  
  All these that you think you get from the mind, one day will be finished. You don't wanna die ? Well one day you will die, as body and mind you will die, body first. But if you know yourself which is that which is watching body and mind, and I mean recognized through direct experience, which is what is being pointed to here, not just indulging the mind and the mind again, but throught that irrefutable clarity that can come through this examination, this introspection, then you won't mind about what the mind says.  
  What temple will you build in the name of this seeing ? This is your temple (showing the body), worship there, find who really dwells here, in your own self.  
  That which is seeing everything else, that can it be seen, can you see it ? Does it has a form ? Remembering that any form, however subtle, is arising in the domain of that witness, anything that's coming, even the memory about yourself, about what you've done, memory is also on the screen, intelect is on the screen, this body is on the screen, your senses are on the screen, the sense of other is on the screen, time, space, actions, reactions, interactions, all of these relationships, there's coming up as phenomenons on the screen. Even the idea you have about yourself it is somehow, in a subtle way, known or perceived. So all this is coming and going. That which is perceiving this. Don't create any image about It, don't complicate it. Can That itself be seen ?  
  Say : "Ok, resistance can happen, sickness can happen, even some sort of fear arising for the personality can happen, the feeling of personality can happen, but I am not endorsing it, I'm not supporting this, and there's room also for this in me, but this is not the definition of who I am, it's a part of the expressive power of the cosmos behaving in this body, nature is behaving like this in this body. I am the awareness of this".  
  Find out who is really afraid and of what, and experience, call up this confrontation inside yourself, observe it and see what happens, what's going on internaly, watch the reactions in the body, the emotions, watch them, and see who suffers them. See how this questions reaches down so deep, behind the very solar plexus itself, and some feelings (may arise), let these feelings come, let them be felt, energeticaly, the presence of them, feel them, but keep your eyes open, and just watch, who suffers, who suffers it, open question, see if anyone is found who's a sufferer of this projection of this fear.  
  You call it fear, I say this shaking, the shaking happens in the body, it can happen you know. And you must fully allow it to happen, to then see that it's nothing.  
  For a while, the Self, the Pure Being, in its expression through these bodies, somehow begin to take the body to be itself : "I am the body". If you listen to any conversation in any restaurant, you can assertain how much when people say 'I', it is refering to the body. Most of the time, when I speak about myself, or who I am, it is based upon 'I am the body'. How many times, when we are speaking 'I', is it refering to 'I' as consciousness, and how much is it refering to 'I' as the body ? When 'I' is wearing some psychological uniform, and when it is pure consciousness, you can listen and find out. So the majority of time the consciousness itself, in the modification that it is the body, is still concern about itself : how things effect you, what is ot is not to your benefit, what may cause you injury or even remove your existence, this is our concerns, constantly. But when this consciousness is strongly identified with personality and body, it is prone to many feelings of fear, suspicion, division, very divisive, and its love, which is also vital even for the ego, is often reduced to a very tribal expression, "those who are more like me". So it is not living in its full potential, its full capacity, for the love that is all encompassing, all inclusive love, because the ego itself is very divided.