B O R E D O M  -  I S   T H I S   I T   ?
  Sometimes we give attention to things because we are afraid to be bored, then you need to be preoccupied to cover up the boredom. So face the boredom, see who is bored. Find out who is bored.  
Don't Let Your Mind Leave Your Heart
No Effort To Remain
Infinity Or Your Bedroom, You Choose #1

  What you're watching is really the asses of the sleeves of the mind, it's pulling them out : "Look, this is boring, you don't want to be bored, do you ?". Remember that there's no one here who has let go off everything. The very somebody is also let go off. So what remains to feel bored or "is this it ?" ?  
  Let the feeling of boredom be there, you know how it feels in the body, use it as a smell that will lead you to where the smell is coming from. Who is bored ? Fix your attention there. And it will evaporate.