D E A T H - D I E
  If you understood yourself, you'd know you can never die. You don't have to stay in the mind to stay alive.  
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  How are you going to kill yourself ? By asking the question : "Who Am I who appear to have a life ?". Can it be found ? Can I see the one who is living ? There is life, but there nobody living the life. Find out if there is one who says "I live", "I do", see if you can find this one. And in searching for this one, he dies. Just searching. You don't kill him with a gun, or a sword, or with quick poison, you kill it with wisdom and insight, with this question.  
  You don't wanna die ? Well one day you will die, as body and mind you will die, body first. But if you know yourself which is that which is watching body and mind, and I mean recognized through direct experience, which is what is being pointed to here, not just indulging the mind and the mind again, but throught that irrefutable clarity that can come through this examination, this introspection, then you won't mind about what the mind says.  
  Questioner : everything is cleared, I perceive what you're talking about, and it seems like death, and suddenly I feel something inside me trying to resist. Mooji : Yes, it is ok, because for how long this habit to resist is being there ? It's almost as though there's some thing inside us that does not want to discover the truth. When you turn towards the truth, it turns away, like it doesn't want to see. But this force is not you, it's only the idea you have of yourself, which is a mental construct, it's a play of the mind itself, arising now as resistance. Don't believe in this resistance, leave it simply as a movement in you  
  What can end, can end. What is immaterial cannot have beginning or end. (...) It does not have a concept of Itself as eternal. Eternal is only an expression being used in the consiouness on behalf of that, which cannot speak for itself. It doesn't need language. Eternal is just a word, suggesting or pointing to something which is completely beyond words.