You don't awaken to Truth by analysing the dream. Find out who the dreamer is.  
Escape From A Dream
A Grand Opportunity
I Is The Dream Of The Beingness (The Ineffable)
The Ultimate Seer
Spiritual Carrot
You Are Always Awareness

  I is only the dream of the Beingness identifying itself with what is transient, what is temporary.  
  Does this 'fall' really happened, or is this dreamed ?  
  If you know you are dreaming, you are already awakening.  
  It's a dream, only ideas. But you who witness it, put your attention on that, the witness of all of this, can that one be witnessed ? Who's watching the show ? If that which is watching the show is interested in the show, then that watcher is not pure. It has some quality, it has some investment, it has self-interest. If it has self-interest, it's also contaminated somehow. Then the observing that this watcher is not enterely unbiased, that observation will clean the watching, so that in the end there will be only pure watching without any personnal investment. Then what happened ? How long will you need to get to that point ?