D R O P   I T - D O N ' T   M I N D - I G N O R E   I T
  Stop right here ! Don't think more, it is quite enough. Don't say more, it is quite enough. Don't strive more, it is quite enough. Now, don't touch any idea of moving forward, simply rest as This, as it is, without that, as it could be. Now drop the idea of being This.  
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  Stand without any support. Forget about everything, anything. This is my highest tool. Reject everything, throw everything away. Be willing to do it, throw it ! You are That. Stop trying, don't make any effort, don't try to understand. Let understanding come and kiss you.  
  Don't mind anything phenomenal. Don't try to stop thoughts. Simply ignore them. Let everything be. Simply don't identify with it.  
  And the play, the feeling of identification, may arise, but it will be momentary, it will be fickle, it will not linger, it will come and go. Don't mind that these feelings come, and go.  
  Don't let your mind leave your heart, then this noise will get weaker and weaker, and there won't be this up and down-ness. The mind will always be in the dressing to catch your attention. If you go for it, then somehow you're in. Gradually we ignore, this is what the sages do, they ignore this. You ignore it out of existence, like it's not importance.  
  Don't be too quick to form conclusions about anything that appears. Just keep quiet. Let anything come. Don't mind what comes and goes. There's so much space in "I don't mind". No preferences, just space and peace.  
  What is not phenomenal ? If you don't mind about anything phenomenal, you're out of it.  
  "I don't mind" is something neutral, this is open, "I don't mind what comes and goes", this is spacious.  
  And somehow, when It is returning, so to speak, to Itself, in lost, a certain energetic movement might occur, you may find somehow that your world has been shuffled around. Don't mind this. It gradually will come to stabilize itself.  
  Drop the belief that you need more time and experience to get this, for that is merely another idea arising in the timeless Being. You know that you are. In order to negate or affirm anything, you must already be there prior to whatever you will negate or affirm. You cannot be that which you perceive. You are the perceiving core. Rest as that. To grasp this is instant freedom, to miss this is bondage.  
  How does the identification drop away ? It will drop away as you become increasingly clear that you are the witness of this play of identification. Let me say it again : it will continue to fall away in its potency as you become clear that you are the witness of even this play of identification.