E F F O R T   -   E F F O R T L E S S
  Completely effortless, before even the knowing or the concept of effortlessness, you are here. Even now it's like this, even now in awaking state you are what you are, it's effortless. It is not trying to do anything to get anywhere, It is completely at rest in Itself.  
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  Stand without any support. Forget about everything, anything. This is my highest tool. Reject everything, throw everything away. Be willing to do it... throw it ! You are That. Stop trying, don't make any effort, don't try to understand. Let understanding come and kiss you.  
  Can you come to the end of This ? Can you describe, This ? Is there any effort to be ?  
  What is the importance of effort ? Some effort is required in the beginning, it is unavoidable, because the identification of the beingness with the body-mind play and function is so deeply identified that it's not enough merely to hear the truth that it's not the identified itself, that it's not the body-mind. The tendancy to indentify, to again pick-up the old association, the old self-image, again returns, and we again fall. So this is where the idea of effort come. Effort is also an aspect of grace and consciousness. The Self will prepare the mind with the correct effort. And what is this effort ? To not go with the mind flow, to not let the attention go with the thoughts stream when they come.  
  So it is said that this "practice", you may say, of retaining the attention in the witness, is important in the beginning, and gradually, this retention, this arresting of the attention from flowing outward and keeping it present as the awareness itself, gradually, the attention becomes habituated to stay into the Heart center. And like this eventually all effort itself to stay, itself falls away, so the attention and the Self are united. That is the purest Sadhana that I can speak about.  
  Contemplation itself will gradually softens up into pure silence and space. It eats up itself. The contemplation eats the contemplator. Only silence is there. If it is witnessed that even effort itself is only a mouvement, an invitation to participate in some action to get somewhere, and this is immediatly recognized, right here this idea of effort is burnt. It's burnt into ashes in this moment of seeing. Because you are just here.  
  Who is it that forgets ? Who is it that must make an effort to be the Self ? Effort in the beginning. Effortlessness in the end.  
  My finger is pointing to that place which is effortless in you, it is already so. Mind has a tendancy to want to make work out of even the most, out of effortless. If you employ it, it will take on the job. Mind wants to be "effortless", mind wants to show how to be "natural", but natural is what you are, it means no effort, what is there as it is. As this begins to accept itself again, encouraged by such interaction as in here in Satsang, you're being reminded of what you imagined you've become separate from. Then a sweet unburdening is taking place by itself.  
  Bondage and liberation are conceptual traps which, through the illusory power of Mahamaya, cosmic mind, deludes the already free beingness, thus converting it into the illusory seeker entity. We are conscious presence only, eternally free, formless, happy and whole. The good news of satsang is this : you are That, effortlessly witnessing the consciousness expressing. Yet we remain untouched as timeless existence, awareness-joy absolute.  
  How can I stay there ? My question : how are you staying there now ? By what metaphysical power are you being yourself now ? By what effort ? Is this introspection unbarrable ? Can you sustain it, are you holding it together ? Is it like this ? Or is it not seen that even this is a myth. Who has to hold what together ? This is your seeing from your own self : effortless, the most natural, meaning what is natural must be synonymous with what is effortless. Must be effortless.  
  Don't try to make efforts ("I must do, I must do..."), but stay as the I Am which is the natural sense in you. The very I is there, and the sense "I am looking for I Am" is arising in I Am. This I Am-ness sense, stay with it. Don't think about how difficult it may be, just do it. And like this already, lot of stuff is burning from it, space again, your viewing becomes open and panoramic, and there's silence in This.  
  Each contact is an opportunity for your own unique satsang with your Self, not in some strained or contrived way, but by keeping your mind inside your heart, by trusting the Inner Guru and by recognizing each moment as perfect in itself, and by simply being your Self. This is the true and natural responsibility or rather 'Response-ability', the ability to respond effortlessly to the needs of the moment.  
  Just one moment don't touch anything, don't associate with anything, any concept. Sometimes some fear comes "My God ! I can give everything up, but enlightenment...". Hang on to enlightenment rather hanging on to concept of enlightenment. Throw it also, cut the link to that idea. Remain as what remains. What is That ? That doesn't require effort. It's not remaining by trying to remain. No effort to remain. Mind is already down the road, we're not talking about mind anymore.  
  Then, something says "Stay here !", is addressing the attention, the attention somehow must stay here for a bit, and then the attention which is trembling to go out, because that's the reflex to go out to familiar territory, because it's used to hanging out in the realm of the noise. And now it takes some effort to hold it here, and it's like it wants to go out. But that's also watched. And this is a very important point, this pull.