You are the emptiness in which even space appears. You are the infinite perfection. Contemplate Yourself.  
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You Are That Emptiness Which Is Here (Papaji)

  Everything that I feel, I speak about, comes out of emptiness, and is emptiness also. Everything is emptiness. All the words, the senses are empty, mind is empty, concepts are empty, everything is empty. Everything is coming back to space, if you wanna say, even, going back to space. No clutter. No burden. No claustophobia.  
  Every night you go to bed, at a certain point you enter a state where not even "I am" is there... complete emptiness. And something love to be in this state, where everything, all perception is fallen.  
  Like this you can observe whatever you feel to be precious, you can observe it by reversing your attention to the place of emptiness. When the observer returns to emptiness, and this is not difficult because the emptiness is already there, then the object of perception does not disturb. You don't have to get rid of it. You only have to discover who you are, and you must experienced this with your entire being. it is not difficult, it is the simplest thing. But if you try to do it only mentaly it will experienced as almost impossible.  
  I don't find any word is going to be of any value here. Of all terminologies, of all concepts, perhaps the concept of space, or emptiness come closest to give a sense of what is here, unsupported, it has no walking sticks. Your beingness is like this.  
  I cannot find another word in any language that comes more to give a little taste, a sense of It, than space. Space-like awareness, like emptiness, free of quality, because qualities are not reliable, they are coming and going. That which is perceiving the coming and going of quality also, is a tinge of this pure formless awareness and mind, that can perceive even the subtelest taste, and even the perception of what is arising in awareness itself.