E N Q U I R Y  -  S E L F   E N Q U I R Y
  We need the mirror to see that the personal is not. Self-enquiry is the mirror.  
I Am That !
The Mirror Of Enquiry
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Can The Seer Be Seen ? #1
Can The Seer Be Seen ? #2

  How can It move when even the subtlest movement is detected in It, and by It, does It Itself move ? And if it does move, what detects this movement ? The enquiry is completely sharp, razor sharp.  
  The Enquiry is not merely a pain-killer but a Mirror exposing the illusion of Egoity and 'Otherness', as the true cause of suffering. Compassion is the recognition of the unicity of manifestation.  
  Bitter or sweet, every experience is an opportunity to enquire into and discover who we really are as the Core of existence.  
  Somehow the enquiry is strengthening itself, and you are getting more mature in your looking. When you sleep this time, next time you won't sleep there. The urge is coming from the universe. You cannot fail. Don't settle for anything, at no prize.  
  Bear in mind that if you're enquiring merely to get rid of the pain, if you're using the enquiry as a pain-killer, it might work, may be not also. It's not the purpose of the enquiry. The enquiry is to find out who suffers, to come to see that it's not what you are, but that it's the idea of yourself that is suffering. A concept is suffering from other concepts.  
  Don't abandon the enquiry prematurely. Don't give up.  
  Sometimes, as soon as some significant insight takes place in you, and usually I can see it, something gets washed away, and sometimes I say "Go home, get inside your sleeping bag, zip yourself inside it, and contemplate this", don't go and see your friends, don't go to the restaurant, don't go for a swim, go home and be alone, give a few minuts to that. Contemplate the profundity of what you are recognizing, don't just pass over it.  
  When you ask this question "What observes the mind ?", the mind pretends to be dead, and you say "Oh, there's nothing, there's nothing". But it's not deep. Stay with the question, it is not satisfying merely with a conceptual answer. That which is observing everything else, that power is here, find out what this power is. First of all, find out if It itself can be seen. Does it have any quality ? That which is observing quality, does it itself have quality ? This is your question. It is That that you want to know and to meet, not what appears in it.  
  Follow like this : all that is appearing in me, all my ideas, cannot exists without me, cause I'm the one who is observing them, That which is observing everything that is known or potentiable knowable by me, what can I be ? Fix your attention on that and keep quiet. And share your findings, what you discover. Just this.  
  Even to say that "I got it". But then, how unsparing this question is, how earnest it seems to appear "But who really has got it ?". Who is saying "I've got it !" ? This question comes and kicks in by itself arising out of emptiness, and it comes up to expose any false clamour, like "I don't need to search". Who speaks these things ? And in that instant the enquiry deepens and exposes all this.  
  What is observing that ? Come on, you're still in your enquiry, don't abandoned it prematurely.