Bitter or sweet, every experience is an opportunity to enquire into and discover who we really are as the Core of existence.  
What Experiences I ?
What Witnesses The Passing ?
Not Attached To Any Experience
Starving With a Hidden Treasure
Don't Give Up
The Ultimate Experience
Direct Experience
I Am That !
Nothing Is Needed (No Distance)
I Am That Bliss
Look at It
The Embodiment of Truth
What Observes The Attachments ?
Addicted To Experience
Beyond Words (The Ineffable)
I Is The Dream Of The Beingness (The Ineffable)
Don't Mind To Lose Your Mind
Who Is The Glimpser ?
Spiritual Carrot
No Experience (Papaji)

  If there is an experiencer, the experience will not last. Some things are meant only to show themselves for a moment. They have done their work, and they recede into silence again. Don't go hunting for repeat. That in which those occurences happen is still here, That perfect awareness. So don't become attached to any experience.  
  Drop the belief that you need more time and experience to get this, for that is merely another idea arising in the timeless Being. You know that you are. In order to negate or affirm anything, you must already be there prior to whatever you will negate or affirm. You cannot be that which you perceive. You are the perceiving core. Rest as that. To grasp this is instant freedom, to miss this is bondage.  
  Can that source be an object ? Can it be touched by a pointed finger ? You must experience. The question 'Who am I ?' cannot be answered by an answer. Experience and revelation come. Something is revealed in this question, or in this questing. What is the response to this question ?  
  You only have to discover who you are, and you must experienced this with your entire being. It is not difficult, it is the simplest thing. But if you try to do it only mentaly it will experienced as almost impossible.  
  When you move towards the satsang invitation with trust, you will experience the sense of yourself going closer and deeper until, at a certain point you see that 'closer and deeper' are mere ideas arising in your own Self, The Immutable Presence Within.  
  So let's start again with this idea that there are thoughts moving about, memories, desires, projections. They are moving like waves on the surface of the ocean. You have the feeling that these waves should not be there. But this feeling that these waves should not be there, is also a wave ! And that wave causes more trouble. Usually you don't recognize that this is a wave. You experience that this is youself, this is true. So, the feeling that some experiences don't belong to me, is itself a wave. What recognizes this wave ? Is That a wave ?  
  The 'I' came as the sound of the absolute in this body. And this I-am-ness is the perceiver, the projecter, the experiencer of existence.  
  Don't abandon the enquiry prematurely. Don't give up. Sometimes you get some states of joy, and the mind feels "I've reached !". But even in another seeking, it is also experienced and something says "But I'm also aware of this". So it still remains, it doesn't tie itself to relationship with any experience, sweet or sour. It remains qualitiless. Stay like this, cause the mind will quickly come "How can we keep this ?!" or some other kind of statement like this, and then you'll feel you lost something, which is also just a thought. But if you purchase this thought, then you believe it into existence.  
  When one goes merely with the mind flow, and the attention follows there, that becomes the experience, that is called inattention, or non-vigilance.  
  When the various rivers flow into the great Ocean, they lose their individual names and become Ocean only. When the raindrop is falling towards the Ocean, it may experience some fear. But when it touches the Ocean, can it tell the story of this meeting ?  
  When the habit to interpret life is broken through direct experience of truth, suffering is replaced by real understanding, compassion and peace prevail everywhere.  
  I like this olf Baghwan expression : "When attention pays attention to attention, this is attention". When not, this is inattention. When one goes merely with the mind flow, and the attention follows there, that becomes the experience, that is called inattention, or non-vigilance. So, this vigilance is only preliminary.