Don't try to fight fear. Use the fear to find out who's suffering the fear. Like a smell. See if you can locate it as something tangible, palpable. Use the energy of the fear, the presence of it in the body to see if you can find the one who's suffering. Don't think, just observe and see if you can find a sufferer of the fear. Can the sufferer be found ? Don't imagine, don't create, just clean looking. Follow the noise inside and see who suffers it.  
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  Trust your Heart. Value its intuition. Choose to let go of fear, and to open to the True and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity and joy of Being.  
  It's good to ask about fear. What am I afraid of, you see ? Is there to be afraid ? Fear still come also, it can come, right up to the end fear can still be there. But the enquiry also looks at it, to see what is the fear of, and how do this fear come here. And who suffers this fear. And not just merely accepting a mental response, a mental answer. Really go into it, keep quiet, really stay with this question, watch this question, leave space for your seeing, stay with it.  
  When the various rivers flow into the great Ocean, they lose their individual names and become Ocean only. When the raindrop is falling towards the Ocean, it may experience some fear. But when it touches the Ocean, can it tell the story of this meeting.  
  Your heart longs to burst open with uncompromising fearlessness. It longs to remain in its own unassociated presence. It cannot wait. This is love. This is wisdom.  
  Each night, this magnificent world, so vivid in the day light of our consciousness, is swallowed in the mouse of sleep. Yet, we have no fear, for, secretly, we know we are beyond.  
  Say : "Ok, resistance can happen, sickness can happen, even some sort of fear arising for the personality can happen, the feeling of personality can happen, but I am not endorsing it, I'm not supporting this, and there's room also for this in me. But this is not the definition of who I am, it's a part of the expressive power of the cosmos behaving in this body, nature is behaving like this in this body. I am the awareness of this."  
  So like this, fears will come, don't back away in these moments, there's just sorts of birth pains to real awakening, sometimes it happens like that. Are you up for it ? Or you want it more conservative ? Fears come from all types of places, inexplicable fears, sometimes they come up, but not for all your life, just for a little bit things explode, and you're seeing at the same time. And behind this there's a great peace, and your center of gravity is there, a beautiful presence embracing your forms and even your identity.  
  Everything around is happening without your control. You only have an idea of control, you have a fear of loosing the idea of control, not of control.  
  You call it fear, I say this shaking, the shaking happens in the body, it can happen you know. And you must fully allow it to happen, to then see that it's nothing.  
  Alongside fears come also. The beautiful and the ugly come together sometimes. But you don't have to be thieving through them, if you remain as simply the space in which they come.  
  Is it true that something can stop me from being what I am ? Just examin this and see if it is true. Look and see. If you keep quiet, you'll feel little things float up, maybe some of these voices will come ("I don't deserve to be free" etc... but who don't deserve to be free ?), keep quiet and just look, keep in focus. It will go blur, re-focus, something is being hiding in me somehow, why, because there's been a fear to recognize it, to recognize what is this that causing this pain in me, and each time it has the opportunity to be seen it goes blur, distraction come. It comes out of your psyche. There's a fear somehow to see it.