I D E N T I F I C A T I O N   -   I D E N T I T Y
  How does the identification drop away ? It will drop away as you become increasingly clear that you are the witness of this play of identification. It will continue to fall away in its potency as you become clear that you are the witness of even this play of identification.  
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  At best, what is Satsang ? It, is a little bit like dropping a piece of ice into a glass of warm water. Our identity is like this ice cube. Ice also is water, and water is water. What is returning to what ?  
  I is only the dream of the beingness identifying itself with what is transient, what is temporary.  
  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said : "I leave my existence (my human nature) to unfold (to play) according to whatever its destiny is. I remain as I Am". How profund. He didn't say : "I really worked on myself, I've done really well, I've clean my house, now I'm fit for freedom !". No, he said : "Now I've seeing that as long there's no such thing as a perfect personality, I've ceased wasting time trying to work on some things that doesn't exist".  
  Some effort is required in the beginning, it is unavoidable, because the identification of the beingness with the body-mind play and function is so deeply identified that it's not enough merely to hear the truth that it's not the identified itself, that it's not the body-mind. The tendancy to indentify, to again pick-up the old association, the old self-image, again returns, and we again fall. So this is where the idea of effort come. Effort is also an aspect of grace and consciousness. The Self will prepare the mind with the correct effort. And what is this effort ? To not go with the mind flow, to not let the attention go with the thoughts stream when they come.  
  There is a force, a presence about you, that is not personal anymore. And it's not cold. I refer to it as a kind of impersonal intimacy<, that can somehow interact, respond, touch, play, but doesn't carry. And there is not somebody there doing this, it's just by itself.  
  These kind of tendencies of the mind, you the beingness is identifying with them. Without you, your support or endorsement, it is nothing at all. No thought is self-employed. Find out for whom they play, who takes them seriously. It's the Beingness that has forgotten itself and has identified itself with a particular personality, person, or persona.  
  And behind this there's a great peace, and your center of gravity is there, a beautiful presence embracing your forms and even your identity.