When the mind adjusts to simply staying here, then that mind is not called mind any more. It's just Self. It's only ever Self.  
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  Mind is the Opium of the Beingness.  
  It won't be the mind that will tell you : "Listen ! I'm firing myself from you, I'm going on a holiday and give you a rest". Mind is fulltime.  
  If you pay attention to the mind, there will never seem to be an appropriate time to turn towards your own self. The mind will keep you busy, you'll find more and more things to do, more and more things that needs to be attented to, and this is merely a trick. You are here, you are here. You are HERE !  
  But all of these struggles are only mental, they're only things in your mind. And so you're trying to work through your mind, to get out of your mind. But you are not the mind. You are That which observes mind and its beautiful play, its crazy play, its searching, its discovering. You are That within which all this play is happening. You're already where you are, you're already what it's worth discover. Your beingness is on the verge of breaking out into real laughter, at the utter simplicity of what is.  
  Focus your mind on 'I Am', which is pure and simple being. You are Here and Now only. Contemplate what it is to be fully 'Here' and fully 'Now'. For this you must leave all else. Stay only as here-now Conscious presence. This is Heart. This is Self.  
  This is mind again. The difference is that you have an enormous respect and loyalty for your mind, to your identity, as something which is a construct in the mind. Your opportunity is to find out who you really are, and then if you wanna love the mind, love the mind, at least you will love the mind being free.  
  The mind is restless with the urge to accomplish or become. You cannot reach or become beingness, for beingness is already what you are. Rest in that as that. Enjoy and be fullfilled in this knowning. This is real knowledge, satisfaction and contentment.  
  We feel we sometimes lose or leave this. But this 'I who leaves' is the mind only, a thought. How can we Leave our Self ? Can the wave (the mind) exist apart from the ocean (the Self) ? Losing and gaining are simply notions arising in the Unchanging presence we already are.  
  It doesn't need language. Eternal is just a word, suggesting or pointing to something which is completely beyond words. You're trying to know with the mind something which is beyond the mind.  
  As an old pot is not polished without scrubbing, so is the mind not purified without trials. But the pure Self is ever perfect.  
  When I appear, mind appears simultaneously as time, space, and diversity. What watches I is Ourself, the Nameless Reality.  
  Blessed is the mind that jump over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness.  
  All the mind-streams eventually flow into the One ocean Beingness. There are many pathways for the mind, there are no paths for the Heart, for the Heart is infinite and fills everything.  
  The mind in the form of the 'I' concept has hidden your original Peace, Joy and Love and is now promising to show you how to find them.  
  Be still and cool in your own mind and spirit.  
  In the beginning, when there's the tendency to go with the mind flow, to drift off with the attention, the attention must be kept back in the awareness Self. And gradually, it's merging with the awareness Self and there's no more splitting away.  
  Some effort is required in the beginning, it is unavoidable, because the identification of the beingness with the body-mind play and function is so deeply identified that it's not enough merely to hear the truth that it's not the identified itself, that it's not the body-mind. The tendancy to indentify, to again pick-up the old association, the old self-image, again returns, and we again fall. So this is where the idea of effort come. Effort is also an aspect of grace and consciousness. The Self will prepare the mind with the correct effort. And what is this effort ? To not go with the mind flow, to not let the attention go with the thoughts stream when they come.  
  Noise comes when you feel that 'mind coming' means something to you. You do not need to identify with the body or the sense of doership to function well in this world. What is disturbing the mind is the idea you have about yourself. If you keep your attention only in now, the unfolding continues beautifully. Without anticipation you will know no disappointment.  
  Don't let your mind leave your heart, then this noise will get weaker and weaker, and there won't be this up and down-ness. The mind will always be in the dressing to catch your attention. If you go for it, then somehow you're in. Gradually we ignore it, this is what the sages do, they ignore this. You ignore it out of existence, like it's not importance. Don't try to silence the mind, cause mind is skilled at that "Try silence me, huh !", you won't succeed, you'll get exhausted, so just ignore it.  
  Is it possible for a human being to come to such irrefutable clarity, that transcend the hypnotic power of the mind ? Whereby the mind cannot influence the beingness, except in service to That ? Mind also is being, but is that aspect of being which is chiefly responsible for becoming. If you know you are dreaming, you are already awakening. I leave you with this : it is totally possible !  
  We are so much in the sense that we are doers of our life, that we are keep asking : "Please tell me what must I do ? What must I do ?". This is the mantra of the mind.  
  Most people who are used to use the mind, with a very strong intellectual orientation, or way of looking at things, they may seem to grasp these things, but this is why those questions comes : "How can I be sure ?", because the intellect is never sure, it doesn't know, how to trust.  
  Where is the mind ? When mind comes back, where will you be to see it coming ? Can the mind hit you ?  
  The reason why you don't ask this question, it's because there's no food for the mind in it. Mind is only usefull as long as it can do some job, it is the instrument for comparing and measuring variety, it gets fully involved. But when you ask this question "What observes the mind ?", the mind pretends to be dead, and you say "Oh, there's nothing, there's nothing".  
  Let me ask you a question : will ther be an end to what is appearing in the mind ? Forget about it. Find the one who sees. As long as you're watching what comes and goes, you are involved in the movie, the traffic of existence.  
  Find out what the subject is. Can the subject be found objectively ? I understand that this question puzzles the mind, but do not be discouraged by this, because you are not the mind, you are watching the puzzled mind, you're still here. Nothing has happened to you. But somehow, you have been listening to the evidence of the mind, which feels confusion, puzzled, frustrated, and you have been identifying with this frustration. It is the mind that is frustrated, not you. Be clear about this. The moment you see this, you are out of the box, and you will realize that you have never been in the box, except you thought you were inside this box. And the thought that you were inside the box, gave you the experience that you are inside the box. And that is recognized, I can see that I'm not contained. I am the observer of that. Clarify and confirm it for yourself now, it does not take much time.  
  If some shaking is happening and then thoughts comes and says "No, I must not shake", this is still the mind, let that happens.  
  It's important not to rely on your intellectual faculties alone, otherwise you're still in your mind. There's something mystical about our beeing that cannot be explained. Something came here for something, to discover something, to recognize something, to disolve itself in something, it's intuitive.  
  You don't have to use your mind to imagine That, you must recognize it by some other power. It's immediate. There's no gaps, there's no journey to make. Can you be apart from that awareness Self ?  
  Mind is afraid of real freedom, cause in real freedom you don't need your mind in the way that you presently think. Mind will be there, but as a servant.  
  I don't know how to explain it further than that : you are this I Am-ness, and even prior to I Am-ness there is That which Is. You're never a part from it, because you are That. But somehow this knowledge must announce itself in the mind. That's what has to happen, the knowledge has to announce itself inside the consciousness itself. Because it is the consciousness in the mind that becomes enlightened, not the Supreme.  
  Watch how the mind can be crazy, in the brilliance of Being. The mind derives it's strength from your attention, from your interest and your belief.  
  Mind will try everything to take you away from This, cause mind cannot fight This. Mind dissolves in This. But also, you've shared some of your identity with mind, and to that extend mind will try all his influence to call you back. Out of This, which has no shape, no boundary, no definition, this entire universe has appeared, plays in This, changes in This, dissolves in This, arises in This.  
  Vigilance means watchfulness. When you speak of vigilance, the only meaning I can give it is to watch this tendancy to go with the mind flow, and to get caught up into thinking and identifying with what is arising as thoughts, feelings, memory and so on.  
  Who's identified with mind ? It's the Beingness. The beingness by itself is pure. If it's not associating with any concept, about past and present, any kind of psychological or any state, it remains unassociated, and there's no problem. There's not anything called mind. Mind itself is a thought, mind is not a thing. Brain is a thing, that cauliflower in your head, but mind is not a thing, mind is not something.  
  Even now in awaking state you are what you are, it's effortless. It's not trying to do anything to get anywhere, It's completely at rest in Itself. Everything else in the mind. Mind has been given the task "Solve me !" Once the presence of that existence's feeling in the body, I am, is there, it is asking the mind "Work me out, solve me !". Because it identifies with the mind, and all of this fragmentation, all this knowledge, all this noise came. And then its own state which was so open and panoramic became claustophobic with all this concepts. Now It wants to clear itself from this concepts.  
  Do not be at the mercy of the mind.  
  My finger is pointing to that place which is effortless in you, it is already so. Mind has a tendancy to want to make work out of even the most, out of effortless. If you employ it, it will take on the job. Mind wants to be "effortless", mind wants to show how to be "natural", but natural is what you are, it means no effort, what is there as it is.  
  You are not the mind. You're aware of the mind.