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  Just see, nothing is actually touching you when you just observe, when you don't say 'this should not be'. Pay attention to this wonderful power in you. Just witness without judgement, interference or attachment. Give it a chance.  
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  Detached observing leaves no footprints in the Beingness.  
  Stop identifying with any thought or any sensation. Don't try to get rid of them, leave them right where they are. But discover that which is observing them. This is the secret to awakening.  
  When you ask this question "What observes the mind ?", the mind pretends to be dead, and you say "Oh, there's nothing, there's nothing". But it's not deep. Stay with the question, it is not satisfying merely with a conceptual answer. That which is observing everything else, that power is here, find out what this power is. First of all, find out if It itself can be seen.  
  You will enjoy contemplating these things. Because as you contemplate them all the noise is comed out of the being. You don't know how. Follow like this : all that is appearing in me, all my ideas, cannot exists without me, cause I'm the one who is observing them, That which is observing everything that is known or potentiable knowable by me, what can I be ? Fix your attention on that and keep quiet. And share your findings, what you discover. Just this.  
  You don't need to do observing, observing is already here. Just let there be, simple looking, without identifying with anything.  
  Begin to recognize this even now. Whatever arises within you, don't try to control so much, just observe. But observe from a position of total neutrality. You have the power to do this, it's not difficult. Let whatever arise, arise and move by itself.  
  What is observing that ? Come on, you're still in your enquiry, don't abandoned it prematurely. "There's still something pulling it again" is also a thought. The moment it is observed there's no panic at all, it says "Look at that ! This is just a feeling, I bought it before, something bought this feeling before, but now not, it's simply here".  
  Listen carefully. If you are observing any object or any idea, and there is deep interest in this idea, then the observing is not pure. The observer has interest in relationship with what is being observed. What observe this ? What observe that there is an observer that has self interest ? Does this observer has any interest ? When there is no interest in the observer, then the observing is pure. Perception is clear, but attachement is not present.  
  It's a dream, only ideas. But you who witness it, put your attention on that, the witness of all of this, can that one be witnessed ? Who's watching the show ? If that which is watching the show is interested in the show, then that watcher is not pure. It has some quality, it has some investment, it has self-interest. If it has self-interest, it's also contaminated somehow. Then the observing that this watcher is not enterely unbiased, that observation will clean the watching, so that in the end there will be only pure watching without any personnal investment.  
  Vigilance can only mean to stay as the Self, to stay as the awareness Self, within which observation of the mouvement of attention from here to there, is present.