Remain with that natural and intuitive presence, the sense "I Am". And don't allow this sensation or feeling, to connect with any other feeling, or create any relationship with any other thought or feeling. Let it marinate in itself  
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You Are The Holy Spirit
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  While you are so busy you are kissed by grace, but you are not thankful for it because it strips you bare, and all your intentions fall away, leaving you as this indescribable 'here now' quality-less Presence. This is the state of the Unborn.  
  The presence of the holy spirit. You are this holy spirit. When you come to know who you are, then holyness is shining from you. No panic, no excitement. Even the presence of this presence itself is already changing the environement, washing it with love, grace.  
  Bondage and liberation are conceptual traps which, through the illusory power of mahamaya, cosmic mind, deludes the already free beingness, thus converting it into the illusory seeker entity. We are conscious presence only, eternally free, formless, happy and whole. The good news of satsang is this : you are That, effortlessly witnessing the consciousness expressing. Yet we remain untouched as timeless existence, awareness-joy absolute.  
  Focus your mind on 'I Am', which is pure and simple being. You are Here and Now only. Contemplate what it is to be fully 'Here' and fully 'Now'. For this you must leave all else. Stay only as here-now Conscious presence. This is Heart. This is Self.  
  When you move towards the satsang invitation with trust, you will experience the sense of yourself going closer and deeper until, at a certain point you see that 'closer and deeper' are mere ideas arising in your own Self, The Immutable Presence Within.  
  We feel we sometimes lose or leave this. But this 'I who leaves' is the mind only, a thought. How can we Leave our Self ? Can the wave (the mind) exist apart from the ocean (the Self) ? Losing and gaining are simply notions arising in the Unchanging Presence we already are.  
  You don't have to police your feelings, just remain neutral. That neutrality is naturaly there. Don't say "Oh, I don't want to feel this !", don't choose the feelings, remain as that unassociated Presence, the feeling "I Am". Get used to it  
  Be still, and you'll notice that actions, reactions and interactions are somehow taking place by themselves, in the presence of your own seeing and witnessing.  
  Fears come from all types of places, inexplicable fears, sometimes they come up, but not for all your life, just for a little bit things explode, and you're seeing at the same time. And behind this there's a great peace, and your center of gravity is there, a beautiful presence embracing your forms and even your identity.  
  And then, somehow, you may feel even the sense I am is present as Presence.  
  Just abide only in that space, that intuitive presence that is already here, that sense "I Am", without giving any description or image to It. It is that imageless source, that space of perception and witnessing.