You are the emptiness in which even space appears. You are the infinite perfection. Contemplate Yourself.  
Amazing Grace
You Are Emptiness
Look at It
Who Dwells Inside This Body ?
Beyond Words (The Ineffable
You Are The Imageless Source
You Are The Holy Spirit
Without I Nothing Exists
You Are Not The Mind
You Don't Need To Know Anything Else
Infinity Or Your Bedroom, You Choose #1

  Develop the habit of thinking of yourself as consciousness, not as the body or a person. Do not associate yourself with any object or concept, however appealing, and the personal, the cause of all miseries will dissolve. Remain in the state of space-like awareness, free from all notions. This is the pathless path to timeless Awareness.  
  Contemplation itself will gradually softens up into pure silence and space. It eats up itself. The contemplation eats the contemplator. Only silence is there.  
  When thoughts becomes irrelevant, Pure Being is revealed. Here is infinite peace and space.  
  If one simply abide in the feeling 'I Am', and watch this feeling, then you will not lose power leaking out into other attractions. And naturaly one comes to complete stillness and silence, recognized in the space of this I-Am-ness.  
  Alongside fears comme also. The beautiful and the ugly comme together sometimes. But you don't have to be thieving through them, if you remain as simply the space in which they come. And by and by, you'll hit the right balance, this place of recognizing that it's nothing.  
  Of all terminologies, of all concepts, perhaps the concept of space, or emptiness come closest to give a sense of what is here, unsupported, it has no walking sticks. Your beingness is like this.  
  Just abide only in that space, that intuitive presence that is already here, that sense 'I Am', without giving any description or image to It. It is that imageless source, that space of perception and witnessing.  
  I cannot find another word in any language that comes more to give a little taste, a sense of It, than space. Space-like awareness, like emptiness, free of quality, because qualities are not reliable, they are coming and going. That which is perceiving the coming and going of quality also, is a tinge of this pure formless awareness and mind, that can perceive even the subtelest taste, and even the perception oh that is arising in awareness itself. Awareness is not a dead space, it's not inert. It's neither alive nore dead, it's beyond all, no word exists anywhere that can convey this.