Sometimes you get some states of joy, and the mind feels "I've reached !". But even in another seeking, it is also experienced and something says "But I'm also aware of this". So it still remains, it doesn't tie itself to relationship with any experience, sweet or sour. It remains qualitiless.  
The Bottom Line
Not Attached To Any Experience
Don't Give Up
Ample Room
The Key Back To Who You Are
Who Is Identified ?

  Blessed is the mind that jump over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness.  
  Is what you are experiencing now, a state, which comes and goes, however enjoyable ? Then don't hold on to it. Remain as the witness, even of that.  
  While you are so busy you are kissed by grace, but you are not thankful for it because it strips you bare, and all your intentions fall away, leaving you as this indescribable 'here now' quality-less presence. This is the state of the Unborn.  
  First sort yourself out by understanding what you truly are, through recognizing what you are not and your world, a projection of your psyche, will become increasingly beautiful and peaceful, for the world is nothing but the reflection of your inner state.  
  If a mood, a sensation, is present in the body, why not just accept right now that this sensation is just present in the body ? Let it be, this is ok. This is the best attitude, and it will go by itself. If you start to struggle, this is how you perpetuate this state.  
  Everything has its place and its play. You're not that. Witnessing of that is taking place. Even to say "I must tolerate...", no, witnessing does not "tolerate" states. Witnessing is not judging, is not personal, doesn't have prefered states. When you know that, then your environment, your garden is always green, no problem. You don't say : some feelings are welcome, others not. You don't need any bodyguard for this beeingness, anything can manifest. And because of this attitude, things that need to happen, like those feelings, they blow through very quickly, and they don't leave any footprints in the consciousness.