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  The Enquiry is not merely a pain-killer but a Mirror exposing the illusion of Egoity and 'Otherness', as the true cause of suffering. Compassion is the recognition of the unicity of manifestation.  
The Bottom Line
The Ocean of Samsara
Look at It
The Embodiment of Truth
The Pathless Path (Direct Seeing) #1
Ample Room
See Without Collecting
Enquiring Into The Fear
The Light Of Looking
No Effort To Remain

  When the habit to interpret life is broken through direct experience of truth, suffering is replaced by real understanding, compassion and peace prevail everywhere.  
  Don't try to fight fear. Use the fear to find out who's suffering the fear. Like a smell. See if you can locate it as something tangible, palpable. Use the energy of the fear, the presence of it in the body to see if you can find the one who's suffering. Don't think, just observe and see if you can find a sufferer of the fear. Can the sufferer be found ? Don't imagine, don't create, just clean looking. Follow the noise inside and see who suffers it.  
  Who is suffering this ? Let the feelings arise, pulse, happens, and hold the question, like you've never asked this question before, don't be an expert at this question, "who is suffering this ?" and be quiet, and hold this question in your silence.  
  Who suffers this fear ? Don't accepting just a mental answer. Really go into it, keep quiet, really stay with this question, watch this question, leave space for your seeing, stay with it.  
  Find the one who is suffering. Simple and innocent question. Start first with finding the sufferer in you. See if you can find the sufferer itself in you. Don't just go to the cross, go to the one on the cross. Don't talk about it, go there.  
  Bear in mind that if you're enquiring merely to get rid of the pain, if you're using the enquiry as a pain-killer, it might work, may be not also. It's not the purpose of the enquiry. The enquiry is to find out who suffers, to come to see that it's not what you are, but that it's the idea of yourself that is suffering. A concept is suffering from other concepts. A concept about you is suffering from concepts about others and about yourself, observed in consciousness. Keep quiet.  
  In finding this out, when looking "Where is this suffering entity in myself ?" first, so I can say I know it all the others, even if it's not found, it does not kill compassion. There is a sense of suffering, really analize it, keep looking at it, keep looking at it, keep looking at it ! In coming to seeing, it does not kill compassion, it does not make you selfish, you don't go about saying "Well it's all an illusion, so it doesn't matter", this is not what you will feel. You have a unique opportunity to look inside your own being, and this is compassion already. With this seeing, this insight, this direct experience, something will become an instrument in service to That.