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No Effort To Remain
Just one moment don't touch anything, don't associate with anything, any concept. Sometimes some fear comes "My God ! I can give everything up, but enlightenment...". Hang on to enlightenment rather hanging on to concept of enlightenment. Throw it also, cut the link to that idea. Remain as what remains. What is That ? That doesn't require effort. It's not remaining by trying to remain. No effort to remain. Mind is already down the road, we're not talking about mind anymore. (Mooji's asking the questioner if frustration is here. He answers yes. "Is this it ?"). This is It without the image of It. This is It without the concept of It. But if you start to build some concept about It-ness... (...) This power you can exercise : going with the mind pull or leaving it. (Questioner : the mind is going : "this is boring"). Oh yes, yes. What you're watching is really the asses of the sleeves of the mind, it's pulling them out :"Look, this is boring, you don't want to be bored, do you ?". Remember that there's no one here who has let go off everything. The very somebody is also let go off. So what remains to feel bored or "is this it ?" ? Not even that. "What's gonna happen next ?", well, let's see. (Questioner talking about fear). You call it fear, I say this shaking, the shaking happens in the body, it can happen you know. And you must fully allow it to happen, to then see that it's nothing. If some shaking is happening and then thoughts comes and says "No, I must not shake", this is still the mind, let that happens. Why not ? Some response can happen, it's quite common. Sometimes you see people in Satsang and there're shaking, it comes out. Let it happen. We're not so neat. For a while sometimes, something want to express because it's been cramed for so long, and it starts to free up a little bit in the body. (...) So like this, fears will come, don't back away in these moments, there's just sorts of birth pains to real awakening, sometimes it happens like that. Are you up for it ? Or you want it more conservative ? Fears come from all types of places, inexplicable fears, sometimes they come up, but not for all your life, just for a little bit things explode, and you're seeing at the same time. And behind this there's a great peace, and your center of gravity is there, a beautiful presence embracing your forms and even your identity. It's important not to rely on your intellectual faculties alone, otherwise you're still in your mind. There's something mystical about our beeing that cannot be explained. Something came here for something, to discover something, to recognize something, to disolve itself in something, it's intuitive. Something touches inwardly, and out of this touching some responding is taking place. Alongside fears come also. The beautiful and the ugly come together sometimes. But you don't have to be thieving through them, if you remain as simply the space in which they come. And by and by, you'll hit the right balance, this place of recognizing that it's nothing. In term, you'll be saying and reminding to others that it's nothing.
No Stickback to top
Stand without any support. Forget about everything, anything. This is my highest tool. Reject everything, throw everything away. Be willing to do it... throw it ! You are That. Stop trying, don't make any effort, don't try to understand. Let understanding come and kiss you.

No Sleepoversback to top
(...) The 'I' didn't have 'it', to have lost 'it' and now want 'it' back. 'Beyond' hasn't gone anywhere. Just the 'I' sense arose, and now some reaction to 'I' arose also. And it's the belief in the reaction to the 'I' that is causing the bad smell. It's nothing. Don't be too quick to form conclusions about anything that appears. Just keep quiet. Let anything come. Don't mind what comes and goes. There's so much space in "I don't mind". No preferences, just space and peace. (...) Some reactions comes from the past, that's ok. It's detected and rejected as unreal. You don't have to be reacting to it. Just turn away, that's nothing, ignore it. (...)
Not Attached To Any Experienceback to top
Is what you are experiencing now, a state, which comes and goes, however enjoyable ? Then don't hold on to it. Remain as the witness, even of that. Is this an artificial state ? I'm not throwing magic powder in your face. This must be your own seeing. Are you under a spell ? Can you rely upon your own seeing ? Where this seeing, this introspecting, brought you ? What is revealed through your own looking ? Is this merely a state induced artificialy, so that the further you move away from here, the weeker will be the influence ? You must check it out. Many have come to that place of "no mind", beyond doubt, and have experienced it irrefutably. But almost all of them report an "and then..." report. We picked up this in New-York when we were there, and we talked about this. Some will tell you : "Yes, yes, I had this experience before, and it was perfect, as walking through the Red Sea, all through my life, for about two weeks, and then...". Then I became very interested by the "And then" moments. What causes this "And then" moments ? So we talked a bit about this, and said that some things comes and goes. By nature, it's their way, it comes and goes, as an experience. All experiences, they happen in time, they have all beginning and end. Can you be that ? Or are you not the witness of that, you see ? You may have experienced that state of "no mind" but mind was there, saying : "Yes, I like this !". (Laughter) If there is an experiencer, the experience will not last. Some things are meant only to show themselves for a moment. They have done their work. In the Bible there is one story where Jesus walked upon the mountain, and told his disciples. One of them woke up to this bright light and saw Jesus with the prophet Elijah and Moses, talking, and blazing light. Then that was over. Now, can you imagine if you met great prophets, Krishna, Lord Christ, Prophet Mohammed, talking together, then it's finished. Can you imagine Jesus coming back and says : "Father, can I have another taste of that experience ?". It was finished. It did its job. Some things happen, they have done their work, and they recede into silence again. Don't go hunting for repeat. That in which those occurences happen is still here, That perfect awareness. So don't become attached to any experience. If experience means what is shown now, some flavors, some taste, it comes and goes. You are the tasteless taste. It neither comes nore goes. You don't have to use your mind to imagine that, you must recognize it by some other power. It's immediate. There's no gaps, there's no journey to make. Can you be apart from that awareness Self ?
Not Destined To Be Enlightenedback to top
Stabilize yourself in this as This itself. You are already That. You only need to be aware that you are already That. There's no need to collect more. Stabilize youself in This as This itself.

Nothing Is Needed (No Distance)back to top
(Questioner : How can I eliminate myself entirely ?) Ordinarily, when you say this thing it's like a gun to the head, in the newspaper version, isn't it ? (Laughter) Obviously you're not talking about that. So, what else is there left to do ? What self is there to eliminate, then ? (Questioner : a little something that gets in the way). Of ? (Questioner : of "it"). Ok. Because it is said so often, let's have a look. If we talk about something getting in the way of something, there are at least three factors. There is the thing which is what we are trying to get to, there is who we are who's trying to get to that thing, and there is something that's in between, isn't it ? If you speak like this, this is my way of understanding. So, something comes in front to block that which I'm trying to reach. So therefore, what I'm trying to reach is not with me, it's some place else. So therefore even if I could reach it at this moment I will have to standing on guard because I can lose it, because it's not naturaly with me. I have to do something to get it, isn't it ? Like pushing this thing of the way and then "I got you !". Ok ? So once I got it, I've got to be watching I don't lose it. So can that be the truth that we are speaking about ? Can it be something that is getable in this way ? I know that this is the way it can form itself in the mind, that there is something that we have to reach, and that there is something obstructing this. If, as I use the word "truth", truth is pure awareness, and not some holy cluster of concepts that you have to catch hold of, it is pure being, it is what we essentialy are. That's the premise on which I'm using this word truth, reality, self, it's what you essentialy are, meaning it's what you are in the core of your being. So how much distance between you and the core of your being ? (Questioner : must be none). Yes. If there's no distance between you and the core of your being, what can get between ? (Questioner, smiling : nothing) (laughter) You can say it again, just to be clear about it. (Questioner : nothing) (laughter again). I would like you to see this just for yourself, dont give an answer to please me, I don't care. I will care if I see that reflection in you, that you see it, because nothing else appart from your direct experience will do, everything else will leave you. The direct experience means to see or to recognize That which is inseparable from who you are. Some recognition occur there. If it's inseparable, it means how over many lifetimes, how over many years past, it cannot split that which is whole. This is what it means. You're searching, this is your own words, for what I am, searching for the truth. The truth must be the core of what you are. I asked you : what can be the distance between you and the core of what you are ? You say : no distance. If there's no distance between your sense of who you are and what you really are, what can get between ? You say : nothing, no distance. There's something profound about that.
Perfect Senseback to top
(...) Don't be afraid to feel completely frustrated, for a moment or two, because maybe something is fighting to not be frustrated. Maybe something is fighting to not feel helpless. But all of these struggles are only mental, they're only things in your mind. And so you're trying to work through your mind, to get out of your mind. But you are not the mind. You are That which observes mind and its beautiful play, its crazy play, its searching, its discovering. You are That within which all this play is happening. You're already where you are, you're already what it's worth discover. Your beingness is on the verge of breaking out into real laughter, at the utter simplicity of what is. But your mind has constructed so much "Ho yes, I've got to do this, learn, do some more pranayama, chanting, going up this mountain...", whatever. We have a lot of programing that we assume is important in order to reach what you are, and it's a complete fabrication of the mind. You are what you are. But you are waiting for your mind to believe it. This is why I'm throwing everything out. No idea, nothing, is going to hand you to yourself. It's only an idea. And perhaps for the first time if you hear this, you may feel in response to that hearing, a sense of deep disappointment. Maybe the mind is disappointed, because you've been taken some run-ups for this big leap, and you see that that leap won't occur, and won't take you any further than here. You're still only here.
Personality, What is That ?back to top
You can change, but you may find out before the change comes that you are none of that anyway. You don't have to wait for that change, and realize I'm that in which the play of change takes place. Once that is recongized that i'm not that, still they may come, some energy to move some things out may happen, but the awareness is not waiting for the mind to be clean, for it to be awareness. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said : "I leave my existence (my human nature) to unfold (to play) according to whatever its destiny is. I remain as I Am". How profund. He didn't say "I really worked on myself, I've done really well, I've clean my house, now I'm fit for freedom !". No, he says now I've seeing that as long there's no such thing as a perfect personality, I've ceased wasting time trying to work on some things that doesn't exist. (...) Where is the person ? You will look, you will not just say this, glibly, sarcasticaly, cynicaly, it will not have any meaning for you. Presently it seams to have some meaning, because you've believed it for so long, you're personal, you have this sense of personhood, even people in spirituality for many years are still wearing personhood, and so because you label yourself "person", then everyone else say "You're a person !", and you remind them "So are you !". When this comes out of you, like when you also recognize that your beingness is timeless, then there's no time in you. Story of the very old woman from a village. (...) So anything come, you can look at it. What is the validity, check out the credential of any thought now. In fact, when you are aware that without yourself they cannot come, you are the witness of them, then they will be reduced to a trickle of thought.
Razor Sharp Enquiryback to top
(Questioner : Who is observing all this doesn't stay, a magnet is pulling it back...) What is observing that ? Come on, you're still in your enquiry, don't abandoned it prematurely. "There's still something pulling it again" is also a thought. The moment it is observed there's no panic at all, it says "Look at that ! This is just a feeling, I bought it before, something bought this feeling before, but now not, it's simply here". How can it move when even the subtlest movement is detected in it, and by it, does it itself move ? And if it does move, what detects this ? The enquiry is completely sharp, razor sharp. Then your house is burnt down, its on fire, don't try to salvage anything. Don't try to save yourself. The house is burning and you also jump in the fire. Your idea of yourself, let it go. I said before, mind is afraid of real freedom, cause in real freedom you don't need your mind in the way that you presently think. Mind will be there, but as a servant. Freedom means free of dependency, free of this tendency to be hypnotize by your own concepts. Freedom means to doubt yourself to not doubt yourself, bondage means to doubt yourself continuously. When the question comes "Who doubts itself and how ?" and you're quiet and only observe then this illusion, this delusion completely opens up. This tumor of false identification breaks up under the power of your own looking, so powerfull is your looking. Not doing anything, not dissecting, not detonating something, just looking and see it's not true. I cannot point to anything, any concept, any thought that I can say "I am that". This great book was called "I am That", can That be touched ? What That means ? Is It an object ? Usually when we say "that", we can point to it. But when we say "I am That", that That has no form, it's beyong the forms. That within which forms appear and are perceived, but Itself cannot be perceived. I already gave the example of a knife that can cut so many things, but cannot cut itself, because it's one unicity. Or a scale that can weight so many object but cannot weight itself. Or the eyes that can see so many things but cannot look directly upon themselves. You also, being the one self, cannot see yourself, you're seeing from yourself. Sight begins after you, you are the seer of even seeing. Mind runs around and try to put that into some shape, because mind cannot function without some phenomenality, but is the instrument for measuring, interpreting, comparing variety. But how can he compares That which is prior to appearance ? Where is That ?
Remain As The Selfback to top
How to stay as the Self ? The car windscreen wiper story. Focus on the road. Once focusing is taking place, it doesn't matter that the windscreen wiper is on slow speed, medium speed, or fast speed. Because focusing is taking place. It is the same with these instructions, this enquiry. How can I stay in the self ? You are in the Self. Focus on the Self. "How can I stay as the Self ?" is also a windscreen wiper thought. You are the Self. Focus on That only. And these thoughts will not trouble you. They will not distract you.
Starving With a Hidden Treasureback to top
What is it that we consider is important for us to do, here, to get to "there", whatever "there" may be ? (Questioner : so any thought arising and returning to its source is actually an illusion ?) I don't like to say such things, I prefer to hear them. Have I gone too far to say this ? That having seeing this, any thought like "Oh yes, I'm coming close, I can smell the rain..." is only a thought arising in the completely Self satisfied being. And if we don't get this, we'll continue to take the readings from the mind like "Yes, yes, I can feel it, I'm so close, so close..." and drawing immense confort from this, "I've made great steps since last year, great progress, wonderfull, beautifull, ups and down, it's been tought, but you know..." (assembly's laughing). (...) (Questioner is giving thanks to Mooji) Isn't it amazing to simply be reminded, and not moving of your seat, to allow the seeing to complete itself, and to see that there's nothing that I have to prove, to be. There are no conditions that I have to fulfill (getting better, purer, more compassionate). It seems almost unfair to some. If you have put tremendous energy to try and be the best person you can be, to be told that you are not closer to the Self than the one who's struggling to (make ends meet ?), not closer, except that it's just the opportunity to recognize what is here. The one who's struggling is still 100% the consciousness. But without the awareness of it, the consciousness that you are consciousness, it is like your parents leave you money hidden under the floor boards and have gone away, and they are not able to get in touch with you, and you are going hungry, eating bread and water, begging for food, and wealth is under your floor boards, it's of any value to you now, cause you're not aware of it. But when you're aware that this, in front of whom or which all this is appearing.
The Best Mantraback to top
Thank You. This simple expression of gratitude arising from the Heart, - from Existence to Existence - which has the profound effect of washing the soul of judgements, preferences, fears, the sense of separation, conflict and even longing, returns the mind to its original place of Unborn Awareness. We are not to analyse or to rationalize it, but to simply let it arise and express from the Heart in Presence. Initially, it may seem like one entity saying THANK YOU to another - and that's OK too - but gradually, by simply allowing deep Gratitude to flow spontaneously, we come to complete unicity where there exists no separation between I and you - just Self expressing gratitude to Itself. It is such a powerful way to return mind and attention to peace, space, clarity and joy.
The Embodiment of Truthback to top
And then, somehow, you may feel even the sense I am is present as Presence. (...) Somehow you are intuitively seeing, it's not just thinking, it is like seeing, it's clarifying : I Am, I Am beyond, or whatever is saying "I am" maybe is prior to I am, but there is that which is even before there, but it is unspeakable when you're here. (...) There's no references now that you're here. Then, something says "Stay here !", is addressing the attention, the attention somehow must stay here for a bit, and then the attention which is trembling to go out, because that's the reflex to go out to familiar territory, because it's used to hanging out in the realm of the noise. And now it takes some effort to hold it here, and it's like it wants to go out. But that's also watched. And this is a very important point, this pull. (...) Start with yourself and look. Clean your own house. And then you will have eyes to see which one else need some help. It sound selfish, but it really isn't, it's very unselfish. If you're gonna be selfish, then be selfish here for freedom.
The Hum of Existenceback to top
I don't know how to explain it further than that : you are this I Am-ness, and even prior to I Am-ness there is That which Is. You're never a part from it, because you are That. But somehow this knowledge must announce itself in the mind. That's what has to happen, the knowledge has to announce itself inside the consciousness itself. Because it is the consciousness in the mind that becomes enlightened, not the Supreme. Would it not be that it's just going on and it is seen that there isn't a private operator turning the wheels of manifestation ? It's not like you're going to discover at the end of the yellow brick road this "guy" behind the curtain who says "Sorry, it's me !". It is seen that somehow it is going by itself, I'm not creating. Even the idea of "I am creating" is just an idea arising in a deeper presence. And I am there also. What would be the result, effectively, on that which you call "your life", would you be troubled ? And even if the sense of being troubled arises and it is seen that it's also the mecanism of the consciousness play, then it wouldn't feel so consequential. And so gradualy the impact of these sensations will also lessen, diminish. All of this would be just the play of some energetic soup of sensations and ideas. You would not be a traffic policeman in your own head, you wouldn't have to set up any immigration desk for thoughts, they can come and go freely, they would not be of concern, you would not be complaining "Oh yes, this thing that troubles me is this...", because nothing would really trouble you. Momentarily, of course, it comes with a certain energy, a little burden actually. The life force, the body, the mind consciousness, all of this has a certain weight about it. And there is a sort of consciousness, an awareness about this weight, the hum of existence. But right there in the recognition of the hum of existence, there is that still seeing, which is not humming. Is that worthy, is it worthwhile our seeing and recognizing this ? There's no pay offs. Is it worthy seeing this or is there the mind that says "But what is the benefit of that, even ?" ? Because this all that the sages came to see. More than this, then you're talking about special effects in consciousness, but not This, and they can come and go and play about. And it's not that they were sitting on their hands, because of this seeing, that they took themselves away from life, they were not intimidate by what we call life, they realized they are one with it. But they were not under it spell, because they saw through the apparent idea of a separate autonomy that that was just a play, an expression of the consciousness appearing as individuality in order for manifestation to work. It cannot work without duality, duality is not an error, it's a necessary tool for manifestation to appear.
The Joy Of Beingback to top
There is no ultimate seeing. You are the formless. Be thankful to the activity of Grace, removing the old dross. Some illusory debris is removed.

The Light Of Lookingback to top
Is it true that something can stop me from being what I am ? Just examin this and see if it is true. Look and see. If you keep quiet, you'll feel little things float up, maybe some of these voices will come ("I don't deserve to be free" etc... but who don't deserve to be free ?), keep quiet and just look, keep in focus. It will go blur, re-focus, something is being hiding in me somehow, why, because there's been a fear to recognize it, to recognize what is this that causing this pain in me, and each time it has the opportunity to be seen it goes blur, distraction come. It comes out of your psyche. There's a fear somehow to see it. (...) Who is suffering this ? Let the feelings arise, pulse, happens, and hold the question, like you've never asked this question before, don't be an expert at this question, "who is suffering this ?" and be quiet, and hold this question in your silence.
The Mind Can Be Crazyback to top
Watch how the mind can be crazy, in the brilliance of Being. The mind derives it's strength from your attention, from your interest and your belief.

The Ocean of Samsaraback to top
Find the one who is suffering. Simple and innocent question. (...) Start first with finding the sufferer in you. See if you can find the sufferer itself in you. (...) Don't just go to the cross, go to the one on the cross. Don't talk about it, go there.

The Pathless Pathback to top
When the Beingness, which is immaterial and formless, identifies with form and take himself to be form, this body becomes like a burning candle. And the Beingness associated with that tries everything to prevent this light from going out, because it is very much identified with the body. Already you are in a kind of traumatic state, even if you put it in the back of your mind, there's always this little bit of fear, a hum of fear somewhere in the background. You always tries to avoid some catastrophy that you cannot even identified what it is. So whatever shows up in the body, attention goes right there, all the blood goes there. Don't try to fight fear. You will never win. Fear is there because of ignorance. Tackle ignorance and fear will go, don't try to fight fear. Don't pretend you are not afraid. Fear is arising because of ignorance, and ignorance you can look at it and understand. Who is afraid ? When this is taken hold through your own enquiry, then fear has nothing to hold on to, and it will thin out by itself. This is the root, the direct root you may say, on the pathless path, to find out that which is afraid. Who is afraid ? You feel the fear, use the fear as a scent, like you have a funny smell in this room, you follow the smell, you can sniff out, and find out what is smelling like that, the smell will lead you to the place where it's coming from. In the same way don't squash the fear or just react, use the fear to find the one who is suffering fear. See if you can locate it as something tangible, palpable. Use the energy of the fear, the presence of it in the body to see if you can find the one who's suffering. Don't think, just observe and see if you can find a sufferer of the fear. And tell me what you find. Can the sufferer be found ? As soon as the pain is there, you feel as if somebody is having pain, so see if there is a 'somebody' who is having pain, who suffers, who's likely to die at the extreme end of this pain, who thinks that if it's not abated then it might end in death. Find who is this one who would die, look. (Questioner : the only one that dies is the 'I' thought) You are clear about this, you saw this, you see this ? (Questioner : I guess I'm not clear, I believe I have experienced it several times, that there is no one at the end of that, when I don't fight it and don't try to move it away and stay with the pain or the fear...) Find the one who is suffering first, because it keeps coming back and back again. You are not further away than anybody else. The sense of suffering is so 'in there', so I say : take a look, examine and see. Is it real, is it there as 'me', is there a little 'me' inside who is suffering, just look and share your findings with me. Don't imagine, don't create, just clean looking. Follow the noise inside and see who suffers it, see if you can come to the point that the sufferer can be detected, and find the one who is suffering.
The Snake And The Ropeback to top
(...) (The story of the man, the snake and the rope). If you see something, if you've really seen it, then allow yourself time to digest your seeing. Because too often something is seen, and that seeing is true, but what happen is mind quickly slips in and says : "Ha Ha ! I got it ! I've been there ! Great ! Thank you ! Tchao !". Ok ? And so it remains unswallowed food, kept in the mouth. When you see something, give yourself the time to really digest it. Because we are doing this out of habit : so many things you read you think you know, but you never give the chance to really assimilate it what you have really recognized and seen. So you swallow and burp, and you're off. But you've no digested it. It happens sometimes that I can see in some people's eyes that they've seen, because when you've seen it's like your eyes don't belong to the external world anymore, they have a kind of look about them, eveything became an inside job, you've looked and you've seen, and somehow you're in a different realm. And it's not that you're walking bumping into trees, no, those faculties will still operate, but a deeper seeing is present, a different quality, contemplative, meditative. And still you can function in the world, but that's not your realm anymore, you're walking on higher ground, something happens in you, and it's unmistakable for those who know, they're seeing it. Your presence also is radiating something, a quality of peace, it's not something you can pretend, because you can not pretend to be peacefull, anymore than you can pretend to be natural, there is something about you that is hoozing this charm, a quietness. Take the time to digest what you've heard. Sometimes I would say to people : "You go home, get yourself inside your sleeping bag, and zip yourself inside it, stay there and contemplate these things that you've heard today, stay with it, don't come out, don't go for a drink at the pub, miss today's show, stay home, contemplate this !". Allow it to completely digest and assimilate. And something will be living inside this form, a deeper life is moving. It works differently, it does not read words, it can see energetically, it understands things in a different way, it speaks without preparation and it moves without practice, it's full of joy and peace, it's never anxious about tomorrow, or resentfull about yesterday.
The Train To Nowhereback to top
The eyes that see this has no legs on them. (...) This train is time and space, it has an end. That which is watching this train has no time. The train is life, the witness of this is the Eternal Itself. (...) Beingness itself takes care of everything. All journeys end peacefully here, in the station of being.

The Ultimate Seerback to top
Everything can be whipped away. This cannot be whipped away. (...) It's a dream, only ideas. But you who witness it, put your attention on that, the witness of all of this, can that one be witnessed ? Who's watching the show ? If that which is watching the show is interested in the show, then that watcher is not pure. It has some quality, it has some investment, it has self-interest. If it has self-interest, it's also contaminated somehow. Then the observing that this watcher is not enterely unbiased, that observation will clean the watching, so that in the end there will be only pure watching without any personnal investment. Then what happened ? How long will you need to get to that point ?
Urge For Truth #1back to top
Swap knowing for being. (...) Remain with that natural and intuitive presence, the sense "I Am". And don't allow this sensation or feeling, to connect with any other feeling, or create any relationship with any other thought or feeling. Let it marinate in itself. (...) (Talking about his book "Before I Am") This was the most simple advice I could point to, the natural sense "I Am" in you, just let that remain unassociated with any thought, or any concept, and I said even if you can just stay in that presence for 10 minutes, whatever you like, and notice what is here. Initially, in some case people feel troubled, and gets even more busy, that's ok, but this is not you business anymore to deal with this. Your business is only to stay as "I Am". Let them be scratching at the door, it doesn't matter, your business is only to stay as "I Am". (...) (About practices and Sadhana) I would not necessarily advice people to stop whatever they're doing. If you feel in your heart you get pleasure or joy, or something taking place, carry on. But alongside that, what I ask is to put this question inwardly : "Who is doing it ?". Who is practicing pranayama ? Who is the meditator ? Who is meditating and for what reason ? This is not cynical, but a pure question. Who is the practicer ? Who is the seeker ? Allow this question, don't let this question off, don't exchange it for another question. Stay on the back of this horse. It will try to shake you off, cause sometime you hold this question, so potent it is, that it will seem as though something is throwing off, or going blurred, for a bit. Hold this question, and something will be revealed in it. (...) Treat this (moment) as it is the last Satsang. This is the time you have to get it, now is the moment. (Questioner : I want it so badly !) Something feels "I really want this totally, upon till now this has been a very credible urge, the most noble yearning". It brought you to this point, you're sitting here now : "I have to find this out". So it seems there's something missing : "I have to catch all of it, I have to get it today !". This question brought you here, and I'm asking you this question now : what is saying this ? What is having this urge ? Before it wanted so many other things, and gradually it losts the attraction for so many things, and now it came for one thing : "Now I want freedom from all these things". The desire for truth can be that I don't want anything else now. "The only thing I want is this. So it meens that it is not here now, what I'm wanting is not here now, I've let the all world aside for this thing now. I'm at the edge of the world, I've left everything behind me, and this is what I want". And my question is : who are you, standing on the very precipice of the universe ? Who is saying these things : "I want That, and I want it now" ? And by the way, it has done it's work, but I ask you : who wants it, who is it, who speaks these words in you, who has this yearning ? And, you are here to watch this urge, isn't it ? You are the one who's aware of this urge, and if the urge goes away, you're the one who says actually "that urge is gone". Cause as long as the urge is there, there's some sense of disatisfaction, some restlessness. So you must go beyond this urge.
Urge For Truth #2back to top
So you must go beyond this urge. You are aware of the urge. You who are aware of the urge is greater or lesser than then urge ? Greater than the urge. (...) The urge has got rid of everything, now you get rid of the urge. You leave the urge aside, now. For one moment. You leave even this urge now. What remain ? Be fresh. (Questioner : it's just empty) Is it disappointing the empty ? Could it be as simple as this ? All this yearning is to come to here. You might feel "so dramatic for... This ?". Yes ! 6 billion human beings are walking on this planet. Few are coming to this. Many are searching for special effects, for something, few can feel this total simplicity of being. Now, what can happen ? Is mind will arise and say "I don't think that's it..." ? "Look how many temples, how many scriptures, it cannot be for this... I think Mooji is a nice guy but I don't think it can be as simple as this". Can you come to the end of This ? Can you describe, This ? Is there any effort to be ? Mind will try everything to take you away from this, cause mind cannot fight this. Mind dissolves in This. But also, you've shared some of your identity with mind, and to that extend mind will try all his influence to call you back. Out of This, which has no shape, no boundary, no definition, this entire universe has appeared, plays in This, changes in This, dissolves in This, arises in This. You stay here. Is this advice means anything to you at all ? Even to say "You stay here" can have also its value. Because maybe the attention wants to go out and go back to some things, even now it can do it if you're clear inside that even the attention I am not. It's my most potent force, because through my attention, I can really take on any shape I want, but I must be here to watch the attention move. I don't have to exhort any special power to be here : I Am here ! How long have you been here ? Always, you see. Who can speak like this ? How can you come out of This ?
Vigilance, Attentionback to top
Vigilance means watchfulness. When you speak of vigilance, the only meaning I can give it is to watch this tendancy to go with the mind flow, and to get caught up into thinking and identifying with what is arising as thoughts, feelings, memory and so on. Be aware of this, because by habit somehow the attention goes. And attention is what we feel so intimate with, to the point where we imbue attention with the sense "I", so when your attention drift, you say "I drifted", so "I" and attention becomes one. But something is aware of this, of the capacity of being aware of this drifting "I" or attention. That we call vigilance. Vigilance can also mean attention. I like this olf Baghwan expression : "When attention pays attention to attention, this is attention". When not, this is inattention. When one goes merely with the mind flow, and the attention follows there, that becomes the experience, that is called inattention, or non-vigilance. So, this vigilance is only preliminary. In the beginning, when there's the tendancy to go with the mind flow, to drift off with the attention, the attention must be kept back in the awareness Self. And gradually, it's merging with the awareness Self and there's no more splitting away. (...) (The instruction is very simple, don't let it become very mental. Keep it simple.) So again, vigilance can only mean to stay as the Self, to stay as the awareness Self, within which observation of the mouvement of attention from here to there, is present. The habit of identifying with the attention which then (?) onto other things, creates inside the Self some kind of disturbance, a sense of alienation. So there's a watchfulness of that, and somehow this habit to follow the attention, or allow the attention to drift off, is arrested. And the attention abides only in the here-now presence. (...) Any center that you find can not be the center that you are. You who see, must be that center. You are seeing from the center, you can not see the center. Any center that you see phenomenaly is only a phenomenon, it's only an apparence, it's only an image, it cannot be that which is refered as the real center, which is Being itself.
What Observes The Attachments ?back to top
Begin to recognize this even now. Whatever arises within you, don't try to control so much, just observe. But observe from a position of total neutrality. You have the power to do this, it's not difficult. Let whatever arise, arise and move by itself. Most time you can do this, you're doing it already with many things because you don't have particular relationship with them. You may see these two objects here (Mooji takes two objects from the table), you can see each of them with equal clarity. But if you have a particular relationship with this one, then this one troubles you, not the other one. Most things in the world that you perceive don't trouble you, because you have no special sentiment toward them. You're really disturb usually by those things that have become valuable for you. If you take only a few minuts to research and observe these, what I've just said, you'll probably find the things which are disturbing you. Once you have discovered theses elements, what are you going to do about it ? Can you just get rid of it ? No, you cannot, you see. And the purpose is not to get rid of. But begin to recognize what it is that observe them. Listen carefully. If you are observing any object or any idea, and there is deep interest in this idea, then the observing is not pure. The observer has interest in relationship with what is being observed. What observe this ? What observe that there is an observer that has self interest ? Does this observer has any interest ? When there is no interest in the observer, then the observing is pure. Perception is clear, but attachement is not present. Like this you can observe whatever you feel to be precious, you can observe it by reversing your attention to the place of emptiness. When the observer returns to emptiness, and this is not difficult because the emptiness is already there, then the object of perception does not disturb. You don't have to get rid of it. You only have to discover who you are, and you must experienced this with your entire being. It is not difficult, it is the simplest thing. But if you try to do it only mentaly it will experienced as almost impossible. So let's start again with this idea that there are thoughts moving about, memories, desires, projections. They are moving like waves on the surface of the ocean. You have the feeling that these waves should not be there. But this feeling that these waves should not be there, is also a wave ! And that wave causes more trouble. Usually you don't recognize that this is a wave. You experience that this is youself, this is true. So, the feeling that some experiences don't belong to me, is itself a wave. What recognizes this wave ? Is That a wave ?
What Witnesses The Passing ?back to top
Allow this question to fully happen inside. It's an introspective light. What is there ? It's not an answer. It's an opportunity. What is clear is that all of this is seen. That is a fact. From where this seeing emerging ? What is seeing ? No answer will be that. You must contemplate this. (...) You must be in the very core of subjectivity itself, but as what ? Can that source be an object ? Can it be touched by a pointed finger ? You must experience. The question 'Who am I ?' cannot be answered by an answer. Experience and revelation come. Something is revealed in this question, or in this questing. What is the response to this question ?
Who Dwells Inside This Body ?back to top
I want to ask you scanning inwardly : who is inside here ? Scan inwardly with the light of introspection : who is dwelling inside here ? Some entity ? Can you find "you" ? Are there some coordinates we can follow to reach where you are ? Is there a "you" ? If there is space, is there some worry that it's not responsible to be like this ? Who will take care of my life ? How can I live like this if there's only space here ? Is there something inwardly that is interested in truth, along with football, shopping, etc ? Are you empty or full ? Is there a "you" that has an agenda, intention ? Is there a context for your existence that is important for a "you" ? Are you filled with noise ? Or do you not know what it means to be empty or full ? Are you finding you know nothing, and you are no thing ? Is there something that you need to salvage ? Are you burning too quickly ? Is self-consciouness holding you back ? Do you have an appointment with something that keeps freedom waiting ? Is it too costly to allow youself to simply be ? Who will you disappoint ? Does later have more appeal than now ? Are you waiting to go beyond, or can you see that these are just ideas arising in what you are timelessly are ? If freedom is on one hand, what is in the other hand ? If you are already empty, then remain as you are. If you are not, contemplate this thing : can anything stand in your way in truth, or is this not merely imagined ?
Who Is Identified ?back to top
Who's identified with mind ? It's the Beingness. The Beingness by itself is pure. If it's not associating with any concept, about past and present, any kind of psychological or any state, it remains unassociated, and there's no problem. There's not anything called mind. Mind itself is a thought, mind is not a thing. Brain is a thing, that cauliflower in your head, but mind is not a thing, mind is not something. (...) I am the awareness in which everything and anything is arising and perceived. If you really know that I am the awareness itself within which everything manifest and play, appears and is perceived, whatever you have written here (showing the paper's Questioner he's reading), it's ok, you can forget about it. Before the feeling "I am" arose, you still are, even without "I". That which is does not even say "I". The "I" came as the sound of the absolute in this body. And this I-am-ness is the perceiver, the projecter, the experiencer of existence. And yet this feeling "I am" can easily be removed, some chloroform can take it away. Every night you go to bed, at a certain point you enter a state where not even "I am" is there... complete emptiness. And something love to be in this state, where everything, all perception is fallen. Completely effortless, before even the knowing or the concept of effortlessness, you're here. Even now it's like this, even now in awaking state you are what you are, it's effortless. It's not trying to do anything to get anywhere, It's completely at rest in Itself. Everything else in the mind. Mind has been given the task "solve me !" Once the presence of that existence's feeling in the body, I am, is there, it is asking the mind "work me out, solve me !". Because it identifies with the mind, and all of this fragmentation, all this knowledge, all this noise came. And then its own state which was so open and panoramic became claustophobic with all this concepts. Now It wants to clear itself from this concepts. So if you've come to this place "I am the awareness in which everything is arising and is being perceived spontaneously", then there's nothing more, you can throw all your notes. Because that will not change. Everything else will change, the pictures will change, but the awareness will never change. It doesn't even know Itself as awareness, doesn't call Itself anything, it's so wordless concept free, space. (...) (Questioner notes : "I don't mind about anything phenomenal"). What is not phenomenal ? If you don't mind about anything phenomenal, you're out of it. Feelings, thoughts, this five elemental world and his mouvement, time, relationship, all of these is phenomenom, meaning that they have perceivable qualities. Time itself is a concept. Can time exists without you, the perceiver of time ? So you must be earlier than time, because you are watching time, time is not watching you. I am looking at this hand, can this hand look at me ? The universe is not looking at me, it doesn't know me, something here is saying "I am looking at it". So you are watching everything. (...) The thought itself is the (root) of phenomenon, this world is built on thought, it is concrete form of thought, this world is a thought. Perhaps as yet you're not convinced of this, it's ok, but never the less, it has to be said now. All this is thought, and the thinker of it is also a thought. (...) Worlds are accountable, because in each cauliflower, infinite worlds are created, and they don't tally up, everything is a unique projection. (...) "I don't mind" is something neutral, this is open, "I don't mind what comes and goes", this is spacious.
You Are Already Freeback to top
Then leave off everything else for a moment, don't touch anything else for a moment. Even though it might appear to be there, swimming through the corner of your perception, leave it, don't touch anything at all. You have the power to do that. Remain unoccupied, remain unassociated, and see if you can describe what remains. Don't doubt. Nothing belongs to you, even though it appears. Play with everything, enjoy, but don't have the sense that "I need this, for This". For work, for this play, fine, but not for This. Don't associate with anything, don't touch "Oh yes, but I need...". (Questioner : I don't feel need, all these things are flying around, but it's like chaff, it's like nothing, not attached) Very great. What remains to be done ? (Questioner : To say "yes", and starts crying) Don't trust that who says "no", don't wait for "yes", you are That which is beyond yes and no. Don't wait anymore for "yes". If yes is gonna come for the mind, that would be an ace of the sleave of the mind, it will not serve it, it will keep you waiting for yes. Do not be at the mercy of the mind, you are there before even yes or no. (Questioner : So "yes" is fake ?) Yes ! (Questioner : It's the last trap, it doesn't exists...) Very great. You are there before yes and no, and maybes, and there afters, they come after you. They have no existence apart from you. You don't need a "yes", you are already free. Didn't Rūmi write something beautifull ? He says : "Knocking at a door. It opens. I've been knocking from inside". (Questioner : I'm so blessed !) You are. "I" means blessed, it's synonymous with blessed, with grace, with peace, with "what Is". (...) See the power of concepts. Now you can say "no", try it. Now, you've released your "yes" from being "no", and your "no" from being "yes". You can do this, you are free. (...)
You Are Always Awarenessback to top
Trouble is also the guru, because it turns consciousness towards its own source. You are always awareness, you have no choice; this is all play. The ego cannot appear without the support of the underlying awareness, its own source.

You Are Emptinessback to top
Most satisfying. Coming back into your own stillness. What is making the journey back to stillness, your attention also ? You are the stillness, that eternal stillness. Awakening to this is recognizing that you've always been this, and you just thought you were something else, may the location for yourself amongs the relative and the transient. And that realm was satisfying for a while, but now something feels, no, that stability is missing, if you want to call it stability, because I don't even want to use the word stability for the Beingness or the Self. I don't find any word is going to be of any value here. Of all terminologies, of all concepts, perhaps the concept of space, or emptiness come closest to give a sense of what is here, unsupported, it has no walking sticks. Your beingness is like this. And somehow, when It is returning, so to speak, to Itself, in lost, a certain energetic movement might occur, you may find somehow that your world has been shuffled around... Don't mind this. It gradually will come to stabilize itself. It's as though the Beingness is burping up, spring cleaning itself, from all that noise that we've collected, unquestioned. Somehow all this noise is being comed-out through your own introspection, through grace. Whatever it is that your own beingness is pleased to, allow itself, to clean itself, this is going on automatically. My finger is pointing to that place which is effortless in you, it is already so. Mind has a tendancy to want to make work out of even the most, out of effortless. If you employ it, it will take on the job. Mind wants to be "effortless", mind wants to show how to be "natural", but natural is what you are, it means no effort, what is there as it is. As this begins to accept itself again, encouraged by such interaction as in here (in Satsang), you're being reminded of what you imagined you've become separate from. Then a sweet unburdening is taking place by itself.
You Are Not The Mindback to top
The question is not a text-book question. The question is very rare and hospicious question. (...) Don't identify with that stuckness. There is the awareness of this sense of stuckness. You don't need to go into stuckness. Hold on to yourself. Where are you ? (...) You are not the mind. You're aware of the mind. Mind : all that is known and knowable and even potential of knowingness. Any mouvement of the mind is detected. (...) Something is throwing you back (let's use this expression for now, it's not accurate) but something is throwing you back, not in the mind, but into a space which is qualitiless. It has no form, it has no shape, it has no weight, it's beyond all of that. (...) The very fact that you are even aware of consciouness establish your position where, as what ?
You Are The Imageless Sourceback to top
What is good is to give some space and some time just to keep the "I Am" marinate in itself only, so that these concerns are not given so much space, so that the I Am-ness itself can just keep its power inside itself. And don't worry about how it can be used, just keep that there. And then automatically, spontaneously, unexpectedly, every things will reorient themselves to the core. This is important. Sometimes we too much are looking out to see how we can change this or that, but now when you bring everything back into your intimate being, stay one with that. (...) The way that people think around you will change, when you, yourself are not living out, not even watching what's going on, or how it has changed, not even interested, not concerned about you behavior or your mouvement particularly. There is a force, a presence about you, that is not personal anymore. And it's not cold. I refer to it as a kind of impersonal intimacy, that can somehow interact, respond, touch, play, but doesn't carry. And there is not somebody there doing this, it's just by itself. You may not even be aware of how others perceives you anymore, it won't be your concern. So it's not really a practice, and it's not seeing how you interact with others, it doesn't go that far. All is your own self, free from psychological identification with what is past and what is projected. And just abiding only in that space, that intuitive presence that is already here, that sense "I Am", without giving any description or image to It. It is that imageless source, that space of perception and witnessing.
You Are The Holy Spiritback to top
(Questioner talks about consciousness, awareness, play of consciousness, taste of awareness). Maybe the laughing or the crying will happen in consciousness, but the one who is crying will not happen. The one who's apparently used to think "I am crying", "Will I laugh or cry ?"... "I" is what ? That must be the consciousness itself. And we are not talking about forms here. Awareness is formless, consciousness is formless, mind is formless, "I" is formless, so we are trying to speak accurately about something that has no boundary. (Questioner : is there a taste in awareness ?) No, awareness has no taste, but taste appears in awareness. Those who have come to this recognition, there is a silence in them. (...) The presence of the holy spirit. You are this holy spirit. When you come to know who you are, then holyness is shining from you. No panic, no excitement. Even the presence of this presence itself is already changing the environement, washing it with love, grace. (Questioner : how can you retain this awareness ?) This is the thing. Come to complete understanding that there is no "you" to do it. It is what we have trouble with. Who is going to retain awareness ? Even this very idea is an idea just arising in it, like a cloud in the sky. How is the cloud gonna help the sky to be more bright, to be more sky-like ? Who is going to reach and sustain, and stay as awareness ? Nobody's staying there, there is only awareness. There are no adresses in awareness. There's only infinite expanse, no one is resident there. You are That. There's no "there" in awareness. There and here exists as ideas in awareness itself. I cannot find another word in any language that comes more to give a little taste, a sense of It, than space. Space-like awareness, like emptiness, free of quality, because qualities are not reliable, they are coming and going. That which is perceiving the coming and going of quality also, is a tinge of this pure formless awareness and mind, that can perceive even the subtelest taste, and even the perception of what is arising in awareness itself. Awareness is not a dead space, it's not inert. It's neither alive nore dead, it's beyond all, no word exists anywhere that can convey this. Yet all these words, they appear through the mind and consciouness, appearing in the awareness itself. I Am that awareness. Undying, unchanging, unalterable, unsplitable, unaffected, timeless, eternal, unbound, pure, immaculate... This is what Is. And what emanates out of it, all this magnificent universe, is know as its creation. Whatever names. There's so many names of God, but He's beyond name, the unborn principle. It's here also within which this meeting called Satsang is taking place, talking, hearing and understanding is taking place, the fruit of it is also taking place, the people working outside this room is taking place, everything is taking place in It, same consciousness. Here (in Satsang) it wants to know Itself, it wants to only stop associating. This is what Satsang means. Because the nature of mind and consciousness is to associate with something. Satsang means to associate with the highest truth, which means to associate with your own Self.
You Don't Need To Know Anything Elseback to top
Consciousness is finite, it also comes and goes, all of this realm is moving about; awareness does not, and you are this awareness. What is intellectual about it ? You don't need to know anything else. Don't bother about anything else. This understanding is the Master Key. The 'You' that is stuck is not true; it is not your identity. Don't hold to any photograph about yourself and let the comprehending happen and see that all is well; it is always perfect. Don't even think about what 'perfect' means. Be like a new-born baby and watch how this universe takes care of you. Who will accept what I say ? We feel we need to learn... Learn that you don't need to learn anything. Why carry what you don't need ? You picked up a burden, a contract that life didn't push on you. The burden is 'I am this' meaning this body and desires. This is why you have so much trouble.
You Without Youback to top
The part that doesn't know, that want to do something else, is not you. And the part that knows, is not you either. Don't give any time to it. You are already you. You without you. The voice that is saying "Yes, you know, I get all this stuff, this distractions going on, and I know that's not me, and there's another side that knows"... knows what ? (Questioner : there're just restling with each other). And who's witnessing the restling, even with any interest to say that there is restling going on ? It's just a kind of untangling that takes place through understanding, and you're identifying the wrong thing as yourself, simply because it has that feel, and it seems to be a regular feeling or whatever, or the need to identify yourself as something, always to put yourself in some context like "The walls are here, so I am here" or "This and this is in place, so that's where my life is", you see ? These kind of tendencies of the mind, and you the beingness is identifying with it. Without you, your support or endorsement, it is nothing at all. No thought is self-employed. Find out for whom they play, who takes them seriously. It's the beingness that has forgotten itself and has identified itself with a particular personality, person, or persona. All this is knowable, is perceivable in you, in your real self. Don't hold any image about yourself, don't hold on to any description about you. Can you do this now ? Don't hold on to any image, no photograph of being, any context about what position you are in your spiritual evolution, or what you want to get, where you want to get to also. Leave it aside. What has happened in the past, and what has brought you here, leave it also. To not hold on to any intention or any idea, is not difficult, you can do it, you have completely the power to do it. Remain unsupported, and say something from this place. What's going on now ? (Questioner is laughing more and more, joyfully, and saying she doesn't know why she's laughing). Allow it. Even this laughing is not you.