When thoughts becomes irrelevant, Pure Being is revealed. Here is infinite peace and space.  
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  No thought should be able to trouble you.  
  Thoughts have no power apart from the belief or interest invested in them. This belief arises out of you, who are prior to all appearances. 'I' is the most potent thought. Contemplate this.  
  So anything come, you can look at it. What is the validity, check out the credential of any thought now. In fact, when you are aware that without yourself they cannot come, you are the witness of them, then they will be reduced to a trickle of thought.  
  Every thought and every breath is a breath and a thought occurring in awareness. And we are that awareness, That thoughtless and breathless awareness.  
  If I can recognize thoughts are just the activity of the body-mind, that it's not really "my doing", I don't need to be concerned about this, I'm only the witness of it, and as the witness I am the detached Self in this, then, this is it, nothing to do.  
  So let's start again with this idea that there are thoughts moving about, memories, desires, projections. They are moving like waves on the surface of the ocean. You have the feeling that these waves should not be there. But this feeling that these waves should not be there, is also a wave ! And that wave causes more trouble. Usually you don't recognize that this is a wave. You experience that this is youself, this is true. So, the feeling that some experiences don't belong to me, is itself a wave. What recognizes this wave ? Is That a wave ?  
  Be clear about this. The moment you see this, you are out of the box, and you will realize that you have never been in the box, except you thought you were inside this box. And the thought that you were inside the box, gave you the experience that you are inside the box. And that is recognized, I can see that I'm not contained. I am the observer of that.  
  And what is this effort ? To not go with the mind flow, to not let the attention go with the thoughts stream when they come.  
  What is observing that ? Come on, you're still in your enquiry, don't abandoned it prematurely. "There's still something pulling it again" is also a thought. The moment it is observed there's no panic at all, it says "Look at that ! This is just a feeling, I bought it before, something bought this feeling before, but now not, it's simply here".  
  A thought may arise : 'It's okay now, but it's going to be different when I step out the door'. Already you are anticipating your downfall. Recognize these as just thoughts. You can just watch them, feel their pull yet observe them as a movement in consciousness. Stay put as formless awareness.  
  No thought is self-employed. Find out for whom they play, who takes them seriously.  
  Such is the nature of all thoughts and sensations, they come and go. Your previous problems seemed equally as pressing and important in their time as your current problem now does, but they are no more, absent from the present by the force of nature. If such is the nature of thoughts and feelings, surely your present difficulties share the same destiny. Why worry about it ? All these movements are witnessed in you and by you as pure awareness. Stay as That !  
  Stop identifying with any thought or any sensation. Don't try to get rid of them, leave them right where they are. But discover that which is observing them. This is the secret to awakening.  
  Hold on only to the sense "I Am", and don't allow it to mix with any other thought for the moment.  
  How can I stay in the self ? You are in the Self. Focus on the Self. "How can I stay as the Self ?" is also a windscreen wiper thought. You are the Self. Focus on That only. And these thoughts will not trouble you. They will not distract you.  
  The thought itself is the root of phenomenon, this world is built on thought, it is concrete form of thought, this world is a thought. Perhaps as yet you're not convinced of this, it's ok, but never the less, it has to be said now. All this is thought, and the thinker of it is also a thought.  
  All is perfection only. Perfection is everywhere to behold. But first you must have the eyes to see it. Only the one with perfect eyes can see perfection. Think of yourself, and a subtle image is formed inside the mind. You are not this nor any image or thought. You are the Silent and formless Awareness within which innumerable impressions appear and disappear without trace.  
  All of this would be just the play of some energetic soup of sensations and ideas. You would not be a traffic policeman in your own head, you wouldn't have to set up any immigration desk for thoughts, they can come and go freely, they would not be of concern.  
  Vigilance means watchfulness. When you speak of vigilance, the only meaning I can give it is to watch this tendancy to go with the mind flow, and to get caught up into thinking and identifying with what is arising as thoughts, feelings, memory and so on.  
  Mind itself is a thought.  
  And the more you focus on yourself, beyond our conditioned idea and identity, one sees that even the conditioned being is itself merely a phenomenon, it's only a construct mostly of thoughts and the belief in thoughts, that I take to be myself. When that is recognized, a deeper field of being is prevailing, and it's felt very clear that I am not merely an object.