Satsang means to associate with the highest truth, which means to associate with your own Self.  
Bargain For Liberation
Nothing Is Needed (No Distance)
Truth Is Freedom
Gathering In Truth
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Truth Beyond Conviction (Self to Self)
Addicted To Experience

  You are the Truth, You play everywhere, but You don't belong to any world.  
  It's almost as though there's some thing inside us that does not want to discover the truth. When you turn towards the truth, it turns away, like it doesn't want to see. But this force is not you, it's only the idea you have of yourself, which is a mental construct, it's a play of the mind itself, arising now as resistance. Don't believe in this resistance, leave it simply as a movement in you.  
  You don't awaken to Truth by analysing the dream. Find out who the dreamer is.  
  When the habit to interpret life is broken through direct experience of truth, suffering is replaced by real understanding, compassion and peace prevail everywhere.  
  The truth must be the core of what you are.  
  You are perfectly pure. You have to awaken to the Truth, to see what you are already.  
  If you are already empty, then remain as you are. If you are not, contemplate this thing : can anything stand in your way in truth, or is this not merely imagined ?  
  Nothing's lacking. It's just that you have not sufficiently turn towards it. Some other things is hiding it. Your finger nail can hide the sun, a concept can just hide that, a concept like "I don't wanna die". You're not looking for the truth because somewhere inside you there is a trauma that in finding the truth there's a kind of death fo something, which you're calling 'you', but I'm telling you it's not 'you'. It's just the ideas you have about you, which are not based upon truth, there are illusory, it's a ghost, and your life is a ghost story. And you are abandoning freedom for a ghost story, I have to tell you that.