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  The purpose of the witnessing is to recognize if anything you see is permanent.  
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Missing The Obvious

  Bondage and liberation are conceptual traps which, through the illusory power of Mahamaya, cosmic mind, deludes the already free beingness, thus converting it into the illusory seeker entity. We are conscious presence only, eternally free, formless, happy and whole. The good news of satsang is this : you are That, effortlessly witnessing the consciousness expressing. Yet we remain untouched as timeless existence, awareness-joy absolute.  
  Anything that you can perceive, is it permanent ? And quickly you'll come to see that nothing is. As soon as it's clear for you, that you don't have to manage this field, I say, witness the witness. Can the witness be itself witnessed ?  
  Just see, nothing is actually touching you when you just observe, when you don't say 'this should not be'. Pay attention to this wonderful power in you. Just witness without judgement, interference or attachment. Give it a chance.  
  If I can recognize thoughts are just the activity of the body-mind, that it's not really "my doing", I don't need to be concerned about this, I'm only the witness of it, and as the witness I am the detached Self in this, then, this is it, nothing to do.  
  Such is the nature of all thoughts and sensations, they come and go. Your previous problems seemed equally as pressing and important in their time as your current problem now does, but they are no more, absent from the present by the force of nature. If such is the nature of thoughts and feelings, surely your present difficulties share the same destiny. Why worry about it ? All these movements are witnessed in you and by you as pure awareness. Stay as That !  
  Just abiding only in that space, that intuitive presence that is already here, that sense "I Am", without giving any description or image to It. It is that imageless source, that space of perception and witnessing  
  How does the identification drop away ? It will drop away as you become increasingly clear that you are the witness of this play of identification. Let me say it again : it will continue to fall away in its potency as you become clear that you are the witness of even this play of identification.  
  Everything has its place and its play. You're not that. Witness that which is taking place. Even to say "I must tolerate...", is not right, witnessing does not "tolerate" states. Witnessing is not judging, is not personal, doesn't have prefered states. When you know that, then your environment, your garden is always green, no problem. You don't say : some feelings are welcome, others not. You don't need any bodyguard for this beeingness, anything can manifest.  
  It's a dream, only ideas. But you who witness it, put your attention on that, the witness of all of this, can that one be witnessed ?  
  What we speak about, what I am relentlessly pointing to, happens because of this tendency of overlooking or missing the obvious, and I say it's obvious to Itself, so that you see how easy it is, how somehow we through our attention bypassing this obvious, and looking for something which is changeful. And effectively what we do is trying to convert what is by nature changeful in what is unchanging. It's impossible. Find That which is naturaly unchanging, that's your own Self. You are the witness of all that is playing as the changeful. Don't try to manipulate the changeful.  
  Be still, and you'll notice that actions, reactions and interactions are somehow taking place by themselves, in the presence of your own seeing and witnessing. Give full attention to That within which this play disappear. What is That ? Is it something tangible ? That which is closer than intimacy, one with yourself. Is That a place of activity, or stillness ? Can you look at you, or are you looking from you ?  
  Is what you are experiencing now, a state, which comes and goes, however enjoyable ? Then don't hold on to it. Remain as the witness, even of that.  
  So anything come, you can look at it. What is the validity, check out the credential of any thought now. In fact, when you are aware that without yourself they cannot come, you are the witness of them, then they will be reduced to a trickle of thought.