M O O J I ' S   W O R D S   I N   M U S I C
If you want to download those tracks, here they are (right-click below and save), along with the transcribed words (click on the little blue text icons to read the words) !
01 - Missing The Obvious  
02 - We Are The Eternal One  
03 - Avadhuta Gita  
04 - Can It Fade ?  
05 - Be At Peace With Yourself  
06 - Who Is Dwelling Inside Here ?  
07 - The Silence Of Being   (new)
08 - Is This Love ? (The Joy of Being)   (new)
-> Download here these 8 tracks in a zipped file with all notes and text transcriptions.
Composing and producing music being my main occupation, I always thought I'd like very much adding Mooji's beautiful and inspiring words on some of my ambient-electro compositions. Funny thing is that Mooji's team had the same idea and invited me to do so. So here's the firsts tracks. Love and gratitude to Mooji. Thanks to Mooji's team (Gayatri, Nataraaj, and all).
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